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End Blanket No Pet Clauses in Tenancy and Leasehold Agreements

Vinnie and Gabby have been campaigning for legalisation that takes a fair and balanced approach to family pets since they were forced to move out of their home almost five years ago, due to discriminatory no pet clauses. Following their own experience, they realised the heart-breaking impact these outdated policies are having on people all over the UK, with some being forced to give up their pets. Together they started their campaign and set up PAAW House. 

There have been several positive steps forward in recent years together with excellent cross party and government initiatives on animal welfare issues. PAAW House were key supporters of Andrew Rosindell's ‘Dogs and Domestic Animals Accommodation and Protection Bill’, a hugely successful campaign to end no pet clauses. Sadly, the bill did not get a second reading due to COVID restrictions. We also support AdvoCATS ‘Heads for Tails’ campaign and StreetVets accredited hostel scheme.

At PAAW House we welcome recent changes to the model tenancy agreement, our governments recognition of the importance of pets to people. Unfortunately, this is not enough as landlords can still include blanket bans on pets. We call on government to introduce formal legalisation that would protect both pet owners and landlords whilst opening doors for love and companionship for many humans and animals.


Gabby & Vinnie

PAAW House Vinnie's Campaign

Vinnies Campaign – End Blanket No Pet Clauses in Tenancy and Leasehold Agreements


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