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PAAW House Ambassador, Military family pup, friend & super gorgeous boy.


Dog influencers for animal welfare
@stardogtastic is always smiling for the camera.

Overview: This photogenic, 2 year old German Shepherd joined his human family soon after his owners much loved working Labrador Jake passed over the rainbow bridge. Star was lucky to have another canine brother Kaiser for his first few weeks with his new family. Sadly Kaiser followed Jake over the bridge soon after Star arrived, but not before showing him the ropes and teaching him everything he could about being the perfect house pet. He loves to chase his tennis ball and is always happy to play fetch. He's not so keen of giving the ball back though – it's finders keepers after all. Star also hates bin bags and lorries but that's just because he's an excellent guard dog and he's protecting his family.

PAAW House Loves:

Star's ability to look gorgeous in every single picture. We would love to know his secret. We're guessing he was just born with it...

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