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Artist's Corner - First Class Art

by Denna Giddons | 8th January 2022

When it comes to buying artwork you can't beat a great back story. Postage Stamp Designs have just that.

After inheriting his grandfathers large stamp collection Tom realised that leaving it in the loft, untouched, was a huge waste. That’s when he and his girlfriend Becky came up with the idea of making them into unique pieces art.

paaw_barry @ paaw_digby

Local Art featuring Dogs, London
Steam Train @postagestampdesigns

As stamps come in so many sizes and colours, Tom and Becky coordinate the stamps to fit the theme of the picture.

They have lots of beautiful creations to choose from and they also do commissions. After seeing that they had created a French Bulldog, I had to ask if they could do a ‘Pawtrait’ my Dachshund, Digby. They of course were delighted to oblige and after we agreed on the price, they got to work. I love that they included this really cool stamp as a centrepiece. I wonder when it was from!

Local Artists featuring pets, London

Another thing I really appreciated was that they checked with me to make sure I was happy with the layout, before gluing the stamps down. Naturally, I loved it but it was good to know that they cared enough about my opinion to check.

Fast forward to the day of delivery, I received a lovingly wrapped parcel with a label on it for Digby (because let’s face it, that’s who it was really for) and the picture came ready framed.

Local art featuring pets, London
Digby Dog by @postagestampdesigns

So here he is, proudly hanging on our wall - my wonderful Digby Pawtrait. The Brighton stamp has pride of place in the centre, I love that they have cleverly used tan coloured stamps to show Digby's beautiful black and tan coat. I see this picture being a real talking point with our house guests, and knowing that there will never be another picture exactly the same makes it all the more special. If you would like a Postage Stamp Designs piece of art in your life, check out their Instagram.

Denna & Digby

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