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PAAWstival Charity Supporter, Friend and Fun Dude


Bio: Barry is a Pug from the West Midlands. You may recognise him from various TV adverts or from the delicious bags of food you see in the pet shop. Despite all of this fame Barry claims his life is quite ordinary really. He tells us he does all the usual stuff that dogs do such as napping, playing and of course snacking! He enjoy walks in the sunshine, but not the rain and he likes to bark at the TV, especially when he sees someone who looks just like him. One of the things Barry loves about being Instagram famous is all of the new friends he has met along the way. He reckons his social life is better than the average human, with a calendar jam-packed full of fun events and social gatherings.

PAAW House Loves:

Barry is always one of the first doggies to put his paw up to support charity events. He's joined us at a number of events and introduced us to lots of his friends. What's not to love about a sociable Pug and his humans.

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