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Bartons Cafe



Bartons Dog Friendly Cafe Bermondsey
Weekend vibes at Dog Friendly @bartonsldn

Dog Friendly:

Dog menu: No dog menu Provide water for dogs: Yes, staff are happy to provide water for all dogs

Additional Information: A dog friendly family run café in the heart of Bermondsey with outdoor and indoor seating.


Opening Hours: Mon - Thurs: 8am-6pm, Fri: 8am-7pm Sat - Sun: 9am-6pm

Costs: **

Food: Coffee, pastries, soups and sandwich's. Vegan and vegetarian options

Overview: An excellent selection of teas and coffees. In addition , delicious sandwiches and cakes and hot dish of the day.

Random Fact:

Dockhead was also known as London's breakfast-table. Three-quarters of the butter, cheese and canned meat needed for the capital was stored there. Once home to Jacob's biscuits, Dockhead is a fitting location for its variety of local bars and cafes.

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