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Battersea Power Station


📍Battersea Power Station, Nine Elms, London, SW11

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Framed by over 6 million bricks and world-famous chimneys, Sir Giles Gilbert Scott designed the art deco masterpiece, that became a cultural icon that is Battersea Power Station.

Overview: This neighbourhood has on the River Thames is ideal for any dog owner. Surrounded by bars and dog friendly restaurants. With Battersea park and of course the famous Battersea dogs home, you can see why this is a destination loved by owners and their 4 legged friends.

The neighborhood has been carefully curated to be a thriving quarter right on the River Thames. The vibrant Circus West Village already features world-class bars and dog friendly restaurants, interspersed with the finest British and global retail brands. A place where technology giants mingle with local artisans. The addition of Electric Boulevard looks set to create an irresistible shopping and leisure destination. The new Zone 1 Northern Line Extension will be a gateway to the site, keeping Battersea Power Station well connected to the whole of London.

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At its peak, Battersea Power Station was supplying a fifth of London's electricity. After decades of sitting derelict, it is now being redeveloped into one of London's most exciting and innovative new destinations.

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