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Become a Scout

There are many definitions for Scout in the dictionary, in its simplest form ‘someone sent out to secure first-hand information’. Of course, becoming a Scout for PetsNet at PAAW House is way more fun than simply gathering information.

PetsNet dog friendly London guide by PAAW House
@dinothedisableddog dressed up for a Scout night out

What is being a Scout all About?

Community makes us tick. Over the last few years we feel privileged that so many of you have joined and supported our efforts, from partying to campaigning. With the re-launch of PetsNet we are expanding our pack of loyal, active ambassadors, VIPP’s and charity supporters.

We are on the lookout for Scouts to join the team and share all their favourite places, brands, and people with our community. Becoming a Scout for PetsNet is not intended to be competitive in any way, its about sharing your positive experiences so that we can all enjoy and support your recommendations.

How Does it Work?

  • Create a User Profile here, Scout and About

  • Upload and share photos, videos, and messages of all your favourite pet friendly people, places, spaces, and brands. Just press the Upload Media button here and select your picture you wish to add.

  • Once the image is uploaded, click on the image and comment on why it's a favourite place/space/brand.

  • You can tag other users too so they don’t miss your posts.

  • Don’t forget to like your favourite posts!

  • Post can/will earn digital badges, rewards, and shout outs.

  • And if you don’t fancy that just share photos of your pets, we'd love to meet them...

Over to you.

PetsNet pet friendly directory by PAAW House
@dinothedisableddog PetsNet Scout Badge

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