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Butternut Box



Butternut Box, freshly prepared food for your dog, delivered to your door.
@paaw_vinnie licking his lips in anticipation.


Freshly prepared food delivered to your door, Butternut Box can be ordered online.

Overview: Freshly prepared, home-cooked and delivered to your front door in perfect portions, this a pet meal box we champion. The Butternut story began six years ago with a visit to Battersea Dogs Home, where co-founder Dave Nolan and his family, adopted a sick dog with bad flatulence called Rudi. After a great deal of experimental cooking to help him feel better, the help of fellow dog lover Kev, and trials on the dogs of friends and family, Butternut Box was born.  Butternut, believe that just like humans, no two dogs are exactly the same. So, before they cook your dog’s dinner, they ask you to answer a few simple questions about your pet so that they can get to know their tastes. Their boxes come highly recommended by the PAAW House team’ especially Barry, whose favourite meal is, well all of them!

PAAW House Loves:

Butternut deliver exactly what they say on the pack. Fresh Meals. Personalised plans. Delivered to your door. Happy dogs, happy dance.

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