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By Benji Biltong, premium dog treats
A selection of yummy @bybenjibiltong treats


ByBenji Biltong can be purchased online and from select pet stores across the UK.

Overview: When it comes to a high value dog treat, it doesn't get much better than ByBenji Biltong treats. Silverside Beef, yes, pure Silverside of Beef is the one and only ingredient (straight from London’s Smithfield Market!!) and the treat collection is an adaption of the traditional Human snack Biltong! Uniquely marinated, these slices of raw beef treats, seem to have an aroma that has magical pooch powers. Not only does it keep a dog focused and support recall training, it genuinely keeps their noses interested enough to occupy hours of fun with a treat toy too! One of ByBenji's most touching testimonies is that nervous dogs who have been through trauma and distress have been seen to show more interest in eating and socialising when near an open bag!

PAAW House Loves:

In addition to creating the best treats in town, ByBenjis Roz is always on hand to support our charity dog events, helping give our doggy guests the best days out. Not to mention these biltong snacks literally make the PAAW Canine crew shake with excitement and anticipation.

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