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Christmas Together - PAAW House Foundation

At the PAAW House Foundation we are currently fundraising to provide pet food to our local foodbanks. We would really welcome your support by way of a small donation or just simply sharing our Christmas Together Campaign with friends.

With the current cost-of-living crisis we fear the UK is on the brink of an animal welfare crisis, and we really want to do something to help. PDSA figures reveal as many as 2 million pets are in danger of being torn apart from their families as the crisis worsens. Keeping people and pets together has always been our ethos.

Foodbanks across the country are currently at capacity supporting people in financial crisis with essentials. Decisions must made at all levels by these amazing charities, and sometimes pet food is not on the list.

With the help of our wonderful community, we are able to buy and supply London foodbanks with pet food and essentials. We have supplied over 500kg of dog and cat food to local foodbanks recently which has been warmly received. With your help we would really love to be able to double this amount before Christmas.

A key target of foodbanks is to give their guests a sense of dignity in these difficult times. We think it very important where possible that guests can get all their essentials at a local foodbank, and not have to travel to another centre for their family pets.

Taking part is easy... We understand that times are hard for everyone right now, that's why we are just asking for a small donation of £1 to support our efforts. It would also be greatly appreciated if you could share our campaign with like-minded friends and family.

Over the years our passion for pets has connected the team at PAAW House with some wonderful animal charities. Fundraising on their behalf has been one of the most rewarding parts of our journey. The aim of this campaign is to ensure pets & their owners stay together and do not go hungry this winter. Please join us to help people in financial crisis who are struggling.

Gabby, Vinnie & Team PAAW House

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