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Cooper & Todd

PAAW House Ambassadors, Talented Performers & Gorgeous Best Buds.


Dog influencers for animal welfare
Tongues Out from @cooper_todd_adventures/

Bio: Cooper and Todd, an 8 year old Bichon, and 6 year old Maltese x Bichon x Bolognese and are best buddies. Cooper loves cuddles and his teddy, while Todd is the foodie, favouring peanut butter and cheese. We are very lucky to have these amazing boys as PAAW House Ambassadors. They are talented entertainers and perform all sorts tricks. After seeing them in a James Bond themed video, we knew they had to be part of the PAAW team. They are very active on social media and we are grateful for all the shares and support for our charity initiatives from this pawsome pair.

PAAW House Loves:

These guys aren't just clever tricksters, they are best friends and wonderful companions to their human sister Aria.

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