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Coronavirus and pets...

Yesterday I had a call from a journalist asking what steps if any I am taking to protect my dog against coronavirus, and if I am worried about him getting the virus. A lightbulb moment when I realised, I’m not actually going mad, and the recurring dream I’ve been having for two weeks where I’m in hospital and Vinnie is home alone with no-one to look after him, because they’re afraid to go near him is not the first sign.

In reality I think the person who called was hoping to hear that he might be strutting around London in a little dog mask, which is not the case (yet), but as dog owners/parents these are questions that are playing on many minds recently.

At present there has only been one report of a dog testing weakly positive for the virus in Hong Kong, a spokesperson for Hong Kong’s Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department said the pet dog had tested “weak positive” for the virus, but also noted that the AFCD “does not have any evidence that pet animals can be infected with coronavirus or be a source of infection to people”.

The dog is currently in quarantine and is being tested to see if it actually has the virus or if it is a result of “environmental contamination of the dog’s mouth and nose” according to the report.

The World Health Organisation and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention have both noted that at present there is no evidence that pets can be infected by the virus. “However, it is always a good idea to wash your hands with soap and water after contact with pets,” WHO notes on its website.

My main concern right now is not my dog actually contracting the virus, but what would happen to him if I got it, who would look after him, would he need to be quarantined? Concern for our loved ones in these scary times for many include their pets. Here’s hoping we wake up tomorrow and the whole thing was just a bad dream.

Sarah Robinson, founder of Frank and Jelly’s, a company who test and review dog products recommends having Leucillin handy at all times, do you have any thoughts or tips

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