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Dee Bonett

Campaigner, Homelessness & Animal Assistance Advocate

Campaigner, homelessness and animal assistance.
Dee Bonett and John Chadwick in happy times.

Bio: Dee Bonett lost her best friend John Chadwick to suicide in March 2017, after his local council found him accommodation that would not allow him to take his beloved pets Theo, Tinkerbell, and Gizmo with him. Dee has campaigned tirelessly for changes to the regulations following the death of her friend. She has successfully persuaded Maidstone council to alter its housing policies so that homeless people are allowed to take their pets into the council's emergency accommodation. On October 5th 2021, The John Chadwick Pet Policy was introduced by Maidstone Borough Council, ensuring that those with pets who have become homeless are supported in Emergency Accommodation until suitable permanent accommodation can be found - for both the homeless person and their pet. Dee aspires to see this important policy rolled out nationwide.

PAAW House Loves:

Dee's successful campaign for John's case is now part of the animal law module for students reading law at Northumbria University in Newcastle.

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