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Dr Elizabeth Ormerod

Campaigner/Advocate for Animal Assisted Interventions & Significance of Companion Pets

Dr Elizabeth Ormerod

Bio: Dr Elizabeth Ormerod has dedicated decades to highlighting the significance of companion animals to people, particularly the vulnerable. She has developed outreach programmes for Animal Assisted Interventions to schools, nursing homes, sheltered housing and prisons. As Small Animal House Physician, Elizabeth was responsible for Glasgow University’s inner city charity veterinary clinic during which period she became attuned to the significance of companion animals in the lives of vulnerable people. With multidisciplinary collaboration she developed veterinary outreach programmes, delivering Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI) programmes to schools, nursing homes, hospitals, sheltered housing and prisons.

PAAW House Loves:

Elizabeth's passion and compassion for the power of the human animal bond shines through in everything she does.

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