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Dr James Greenwood

Patron for StreetVet, practicing small animal Vet, TV vet and broadcaster

Joseph Sinclair, photographer, animal welfare advocate, animal charity supporter.
@josephsinclair & @stewiesinclair looking dapper

Bio: Dr James Greenwood is a practicing small animal vet and patron for StreetVet, who, in his words “are the true guardians of animal welfare for those pets who need them most”. Originally from Yorkshire James qualified from Bristol University in 2007 and has since worked in both equine and small animal practice. James writes for various publications, has worked with numerous animal charities, and hosts his own podcast ‘Vet Together’. He co-presents the hit CBBC series ‘The Pets Factor’ which is aimed at teaching children the importance of pet care and the work of a vet and is the resident vet on ‘Morning Live’ airing daily on BBC One. James is pictured with his dog Oliver.

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