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Dr Lisa Cameron MP

Chair of APDAWG (All-Party Parliamentary Dog Advisory Welfare Group).

Dr Lisa Cameron MP, chair of APDAWG, animal welfare campaigner.
Dr Lisa Cameron & Rossi

Overview: Dr Lisa Cameron MP is a passionate campaigner for animal welfare, and chair of APDAWG, set up in 2017 with TV Vet Marc Abraham. APDAWG hosts meetings for parliamentarians to meet dog welfare people, charities, experts and other stakeholders to inform, investigate, discuss, and challenge dog related activities, legalisation, and trends with the aim of improving the health and welfare of dogs in the UK. Dr Cameron together with her colleagues at APDAWG successfully campaigned for the Government to enact Lucy's Law. Dr Cameron says “I am passionate about animal welfare and have had pets ever since I was a child. We are a dog loving family and have a French Bulldog, ‘Rossi’ who we adopted from the local SPCA. Since entering parliament I have pressed for improvements in all aspects of animal welfare legislation from the ending the ivory trade and banning trophy hunting imports to working with Marc Abraham on Lucy’s Law".

PAAW House Loves:

Dr Cameron featured in Edition 3 of NewsHound. In addition to her work for animal welfare she supports and leads a number of campaigns on issues such as mental health, poverty and the environment.

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