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Drake and Morgan

At Drake and Morgan every hour is happy hour if you are a well-behaved pup.

With 23 fabulous venues across the UK all of which are dog friendly, what are you waiting for, they even have a dedicated drinks menu for the dogs, so whether pawsecco or bottom sniffer beer is your tipple of choice this just might be the place for you. PAAW House have recently teamed up with Drake and Morgan to host dog friendly events at selected venues throughout the year. With a variety of stylish venues to choose from we can’t think of anywhere we would rather have a lazy weekend brunch or coffee morning with our four-legged team. The opportunity to collaborate with such a great company came about from a chance encounter with Jillian McLean founder of Drake & Morgan on a daily dog walk. A dog lover herself she couldn’t help a nod and a smile to Vinnie and we soon got chatting, she introduced us to some of her amazing team and together we have made it happen. Another lovely example of the power of our canine friends in making connections and the importance of the human animal bond, Vinnie the business coach! Look out for our pet friendly stickers at their 23 UK venues, and feel free to take a pic and tag us if you have the time. We look forward to inviting you to our upcoming events.

If you have a venue that you love visiting with your best buddy and you think they should have one of our pet friendly stickers please do let us know so we can check it out –

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