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Elvis & Kresse is another brand held in the highest esteem by the team here at PAAW, we love everything about them. While technically not a pet brand, although they do make beautiful collars, leads and tags to order, Vinnie has heard through the dog-vine from Monty the office dog over there that he is hoping for more doggie products in the future so paws crossed!

Why do we love them? Well mostly because they have been saving London’s decommissioned fire hose from landfill and turning into fabulous lifestyle products since 2005 all the while donating 50% of their profits to The Fire Fighter’s Charity. Rolls and rolls of fire-hose destined for landfill transformed into beautiful purses, handbags and much much more.

As if that’s not amazing enough they also now collect waste from numerous other sources and reuse that too in their ever-expanding product range. We were fortunate enough to meet Kresse, her beautiful rescue dog Monty and her lovely staff at their amazing home/office/workshop at Tonge Mill recently. We can say without doubt that Kresse is a truly inspirational lady who has been pioneering environmental entrepreneurship long before it became a trend! Monty also gave us an insight into a day in his exciting life, over to you Monty!

I'm Monty, thesnuggliest team-mateat Elvis &Kresse.I am part of a 3 pack that stays together almost all the time. The leader, Elvis, has dark curly hair around his face like I do.

He always shares a bit of his lunch, takes me out for ‘boys time’ every night, teaches me new things and although he is occasionally a bit firm it’s only to keep me off the road or out of trouble. Then there is my buddy Kresse, she only has hair on the top of her head. She takes me running, we are world class at cuddling and she is never firm with me. It’s my eyes, she can’t help it.

© Elvis and kresse

Every morning we wake up and do a few downward dogs (I am by far the best at this) then we head out into the woods where there are great smells and sometimes another dog to play with.

I chew on bits of grass and race around in circles while my pack follows and has a bit of a chat. Then we go to the workshop and have breakfast before the bigger pack arrives. There are nine of us during the day. T

hey collect garbage and make really cool things. It can be noisy and there are a lot of machines so I mostly stay on a bed under Kresse’s desk, but someone is always keen to give me a few pats or bits of cheese. When the bigger pack leaves it is time for our long walk, we have some amazing adventures before heading home for food, cuddles and bed. I am proud of my pack; they are environmentalists protecting the parks and woods for me. We have a great, warm and cozy life.

By Gabby Kuehn and Kresse on behalf of Monty

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