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At PAAW House our team are always on the lookout for products and services that help protect our environment, and that’s why we love Fetch IT. Poop bags, as we all know are essential on daily walks, so we were delighted to hear about Coco and Kiki who have designed the perfect compostable bags for daily trips out.

Poop bags made from corn starch, which give us the ideal opportunity to pass on plastic and support a new local business. It’s wins all round. Clean it up and over to you Coco:

My name is Coco, and I’m the co-founder of FETCH-IT. I’m 19 months old, and I love running around. I’ve also recently been selected to join my local dog training display team; this is because I’ll do almost anything for a sausage!

My humans were fed up using plastic bags to clean up after my poops and felt there must be a better way to help our planet and clean up. Biodegradable bags take decades to degrade into harmful micro-plastics; so, my humans made a bag out of corn starch. Corn is a renewable resource, our bags degrade within weeks into natural biomass!

© Fetch IT

My parents are super earth-friendly, even our corn is GM-free. So now we can keep the streets clean of my poop and reduce plastic – sounds like a winner to me! And because no-one likes nasty accidents, we made our bags super thick, durable and extra big to suit my big and small doggy friends.

What are you waiting for? Come join the Super Pooper Squad

By Gabby Kuehn & Coco

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