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100% compostable cleansing mitt dog poo bags
Eco friendly @fetchitbags range


Fetch IT poo bags and cleansing mitts can be purchased online and from select pet stores across the UK.

Overview: Fetch IT is home to the100% compostable cleansing mitt and a large range of compostable poo bags. Poop bags, as we all know are essential on daily walks, so we were delighted when we heard about Coco and Kiki who have designed the perfect compostable bags for daily trips out. Poop bags made from corn starch, which giving us the ideal opportunity to pass on plastic and support a new local business. It’s wins all round.

PAAW House Loves:

Biodegradable bags take decades to degrade into harmful micro-plastics; corn is a renewable resource, Fetch IT bags degrade within weeks into natural biomass!

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