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PAAW House Ambassador, Gorgeous Poser, Excellent Location Scout and Lovely Pup.


Dog influencers for animal welfare
@a_jugs_life enjoy a day at his favourite dog friendly beach, Perranporth Beach in Cornwall.

Overview: Gimzo is a Pug x Jack Russell, otherwise affectionately know as a Jug. He loves walkies and scouting out new dog friendly venues. He's always happy to pose for the camera and loves human attention. Whilst he may look great on camera he really doesn't like to be groomed. This pup hates baths and having his nails trimmed. That didn't stop him from getting down to the final 20 in our 2021 Pawstival Dog Awards. Gizmo was actually short listed for two categories, Lockdown Legend and Happiest Hound.

PAAW House Loves:

How Gizmo shares and joins in with so much. All his efforts have helped raise lots of money for charity.

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