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Jen Berezai

Advocate for Pet Friendly Accommodation, Creator of Heads For Tails Campaign

Jen Berezai, animal campaigner, author of Heads for Tails campaign
Jen and the team at AdvoCATs

Bio: Jen Berezai has owned cats for all of her adult life, and currently shares her East Midlands home with 6, ranging in age from 4 to 15, and one very long suffering husband! Having been involved with local animal shelters, Jen and other volunteers recognised a very real and growing problem within the rescue/rental communities, and resolved to do something about it. The result – AdvoCATSeastmids – works with landlords and tenants and has helped many people since its inception in 2018, as well as actively campaigns for more awareness around the issue of pets in rental properties. Describing herself as “politely argumentative” Jen is passionate about the cause, and spends most of her free time welded to her laptop and phone.

PAAW House Loves: Jen's passion and dedication for helping those who want to give a pet a home is an inspiration and something we admire and support wholeheartedly.

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