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K9 Finn

Hero, Police Dog and Campaigner for #Finnslaw #Finnslaw2


Overview: When we talk about about hero's, you'll be hard pushed to find a greater hero than Finn. Serving as a police dog in 2016, Finn dived in the way of an attacker to protect his owner PC Dave Wardell, only to be left with life threatening injuries himself. Although the odds were against him, Finn thankfully survived but his ordeal was not over. His attacker walked away without charge as being an 8 year old dog, Finn was considered 'worthless' in a court of law. Dog's are treated as property rather than sentient beings. That's when PC Dave Wardell set out to change that law with Finns Law and Finns Law Part 2. We all agree our pets mean much more to us than just property. You can follow Dave's and Finns story to see the amazing progress they have made on behalf of our voiceless friends and hero's.

PAAW House Loves:

Fabulous Finn made it to the semi final of Britain's Got Talent in 2019, what a legend! You can also read all about Finn in his best selling book.

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