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Maggie the Wunderdog ...

We would like to share the story of an amazing dog called Maggie and her remarkable human Kasey. Maggie is a Wild at Heart Foundation rescue dog who has touched the lives of many not least her loving human companion Kasey, and a shining example of unconditional love. How we can all learn from Maggie in Kaseys words;

“There are a hundred different ways to explain how Maggie has impacted my life, to condense them into an article is a difficult task. She has influenced my mental health, social life and physical health without question. She also loves me with a love so pure I can’t imagine anyone loving me like she does. These things are not unique to Maggie, it’s just what dogs do. It’s why we love them unconditionally. What’s unique to Maggie is that she has restored my faith in humans.

© Lucy Reeve, You and the Dog

Throughout my life I have been brought down by those I loved the most. I lost my faith in humanity and shut myself away so I couldn’t be hurt anymore. Then Maggie came and changed my understanding of my world.

Here was a dog who had been abused, tortured and mutilated. Her eyes pulled out, her ear cut off, her jaw fractured, her body shot with a shot gun, littering her tiny body with hundreds of pellets… all this while heavily pregnant. Here was a dog that should have died, yet she survived. She should have given up on the world but she didn’t. She should have hated humans for all the pain they caused her and yet she had forgiven. If this little dog could learn to love again then so could I.

© Lucy Reeve, You and the Dog

She reminds me daily of lessons that I once knew but had forgotten. Things your parents teach you as a child, she taught me to be kind, love unconditionally and forgive. I offered to foster Maggie for one reason, because it was the right thing to do. She needed me and I now I know how much I needed her. That one act of kindness has changed my life and now affects hundreds of thousands. Maggie’s story of love and forgiveness impacts each person she meets but most importantly her love has given my once lonely life a new and greater purpose”.

By Gabby Kuehn and Kasey Carlin

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