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Meet Barry the Puggy...

Vinnie and his crew love making new friends and since we started working on PAAW House we have made many. One of our favourite places is Instagram where we met a great chap called Barry. Celebrity doesn’t faze Vin, but it’s always a plus when you meet a nice guy who also happens to be famous, and Barry is one of those guys.

He recently invited us to his party in London to celebrate getting his blue tick on Instagram (more about that later), and we had a good chat with him and his humans. This is what he had to tell us.  So, let’s give a big welcome to our celebrity pal – Barry the Puggy.

© barry_the_puggy

“Being a celebrity dog isn’t as fun as it sounds… I’m Barry, and I’m a Pug from the West Midlands. You may recognise me from adverts with Now TV, Virgin Media or from the delicious bags of food you see in the pet shop.

Despite all of this, my life is very ordinary! I do all the usual stuff that all dogs do such as napping, playing and of course snacking! I enjoy walks in the sunshine, but not the rain and I like to bark at the TV, especially when I see someone who looks just like me!

Being Instagram famous does, of course bring its highlights! The best thing is all of the new friends I have met along the way. My social life is also better than the average human, and my calendar is always jam-packed with fun events and social gatherings.

Most recently I got to enjoy a trip on a barge in Islington on the canal with loads of my pug pals, and I am currently planning a big charity party in London! Okay… So maybe it is as fun as it sounds?”

© barry_the_puggy

And here’s a quick word from Barry’s owner Nicole, in case you’re wondering who Barry is lucky enough to live with.

“Ever since I was a kid and saw the cute little pug called Frank on Men in Black, I knew one day I’d have my own ‘Frank’. At the age of 26, we moved into our new home, and my partner and I decided it was time to get a dog! Along came Barry and changed our lives completely! He is our baby who gives us so much love and despite having temper tantrums over nail clipping and refusing to walk in the rain, we wouldn’t change him for the world!”

By Gabby Kuehn, Nicole Lane & Barry Lane

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