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NewsHound | Issue 01

Welcome to NewsHound, the new weekly round up from Team PAAW and Friends. We will be showcasing our favourite brands and services, updating our members on animal welfare campaigns and parliamentary pets. Plus, we will have lots of gossip, fashion and fun tips from the wonderful world of animals.

Anna Webb – Dog Expert, Broadcaster & Author shares her experience of a visit to trendy, dog friendly Mama Shelter in London.

I couldn’t wait to check out Mama Shelter, Shoreditch. Combining edgy cool with classic chic it’s the newest dog friendly destination in Hackney. Welcoming both Prudence and Mr Binks, the dog friendly staff provided water bowls for them in the main dining area. We put our ‘doggy dining etiquette’ to the test while I got stuck into the simply delicious Bottomless Lunch. Being sure to save Prudence and Mr Binks a succulent slice of roast beef for being good. I toasted to a great afternoon out with a fabulous Expresso Martini!

PAAW Vinnie has been getting his relaxed groove on as we approach the dreaded fireworks season, with his new favourite gadget, RelaxoPet.

There are two things little Vinnie despises, other than not being the centre of attention! Thunder and fireworks, he is absolutely terrified of both. Every year when firework season starts, we build a camp with pillows, duvets and speakers in the bathroom, and we all spend our evenings there. When we recently heard about RelaxoPet we placed our order with a mixture of hope and scepticism. Verdict, IT WORKS. Vinnie seems to gravitate towards the soothing sounds, it really has chilled him out. One more gadget for our evenings in the bathroom, with a hopefully happier and calmer doggo this year.

October been an important month for animal welfare and pets in Parliament. It’s wonderful to see significant cross-party support and empathy for our voiceless companions.

On October 23rd the Bill to increase the maximum sentences for animal cruelty was backed by the House of Commons. Victoria Prentis MP summed up “This Bill has the full support of the Government and we will do all we can to support its swift passage without amendment through Commons and the Lords as soon as possible” We sure hope so! Thank you, Chris Loder MP, retired PD Finn, PC Dave Wardell and all who worked towards these long overdue changes. It would be good to see the theft of a beloved pet, ripped from its family also duly recognised as an act of cruelty to the animal.