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NewsHound | Issue 03

Hello NewsHounds, this week we introduce you to ‘Pets in Parliament’, send good wishes across the pond, and feature some lovely UK brands to help with that Christmas shopping list, plus news and gossip from Barry, Digby and Vinnie.

A Pet in Every Home PAWs up for FDOTUS

PAAW House would like to congratulate Champ and Major Biden, the FDOTUS on their upcoming move to Pennsylvania Ave. We are delighted they will be taking their place on the lawns, tried and tested by their many predecessors, including Bo, Sunny, Buddy, Miss Beazley, Barney, Spot, Fala and Yuki. Major Biden himself makes history as the first rescue dog in the White House.

We did try to contact their Mom for a quote, but I guess she’s busy packing up their toys for the big move! Here in the UK, we’ve got much loved doggies in some famous homes too. The lovely rescue Dilyn, has his paws tucked comfortably under the table at Downing Street, and our Royal Palaces have been home to canine companions for generations. Here’s hoping that one day nobody in this country will be denied the right to share their home with a loved pet. #APetInEveryHome

© @champandmajorbiden

Happy By Harper – What’s not to Love

Hound about town Digby introduced us to a new friend recently, and we love her work. Happy By Harper makes a beautiful range of eco-friendly soy candles and custom made pottery pieces, including pet bowls which can be made to order in a design and colour of your choice. Sarah set up Happy By Harper last summer, after going through a difficult period with her mental health, she wanted to do something that would make her happy and explore her creative side. Sarah told us “my greatest joy has been bringing happiness to others through the products I design and the workshops I run, helping others get in touch with their creativity”.

Pet bowls are the latest addition to her range of fabulous pottery, she says “I absolutely love seeing the finished products being used by our four-legged friends”. Although she doesn’t currently have a pet Sarah grew up with golden retrievers, Elsa and Ollie as well as Bruce & Nala the rabbits and India the hamster. You can get in touch with Sarah to discuss her upcoming workshops, or place a custom-made order via her Instagram, @happybyharper.

PAAW House is currently running a competition on Instagram to win a Happy By Harper custom-made pet bowl, enter at @paaw_house.

© @happybyharper

Pets in Parliament

Welcome to Pets in Parliament (not literally). There are many great cross-party initiatives, animal welfare being one. If you watch any parliamentary debate on the topic of animal or pet welfare you will see MP’s from all parties speak passionately about their love for animals, and their own pets. Over the coming months we will be introducing you to some of these people who avidly support our voiceless companions.

Dr Lisa Cameron MP & Rossi

Dr Lisa Cameron MP is a passionate campaigner for animal welfare, and chair of APDAWG (All-party Parliamentary Dog Advisory Welfare Group). Set up in 2017 with TV Vet Marc Abraham, APDAWG hosts meetings for parliamentarians to meet dog welfare people, charities, experts and other stakeholders to inform, investigate, discuss, and challenge dog related activities, legalisation, and trends with the aim of improving the health and welfare of dogs in the UK. Dr Cameron together with her colleagues at APDAWG successfully campaigned for the Government to enact Lucy’s Law.

Dr Cameron says “I am passionate about animal welfare and have had pets ever since I was a child. We are a dog loving family and have a French Bulldog, ‘Rossi’ who we adopted from the local SPCA. Since entering parliament I have pressed for improvements in all aspects of animal welfare legislation from the ending the ivory trade and banning trophy hunting imports to working with Marc Abraham on Lucy’s Law. Working with Marc is a pleasure and it is an honour to chair APDAWG since 2017. We have had a busy month in parliament for animals, including the return of ‘Baby’s Law’ – on increasing sentencing for cases of animal cruelty; debating pet theft reform and the impact of fireworks on domestic pets, assistance dogs and wild animals.

It is vital we keep working together with stakeholders to improve the laws for animals and I am delighted to endorse the work of PAAW House. Pets are our family members, they make such a difference to us all and even more so in these difficult times, when so many have found comfort from having a pet. I was a clinical psychologist in the NHS before I entered parliament, and it is clear to me that pets can be extremely beneficial for people with mental health concerns or learning disabilities. We must end pets being seen as a ‘problem’ in housing and I will continue to work pressing for laws to create a compassionate society where Pets Are Always Welcome.

© Dr Lisa Cameron

Boys on film

Who would have thought that us two rascals would get to star in our very own movie? Well maybe not a movie, but we live in hope. We had a lot of fun on a socially distanced photoshoot before the recent lockdown. We were whisked off to a studio, which was decorated in green and was oddly full of dog treats, just for us.

To get a treat all we had to do was sit in a variety of strange positions and wink at the camera. Definitely the easiest days’ work we have ever done. Wonder what the outcome will be! We’re told that Vinnie, Bibi and Burly also get cameos in this Paaw-ner Brothers production! Let’s see what next week brings, will it be a Christmas number one!

We’ll keep you updated, in the meantime have a great week. Barry & Digby. Follow our adventures on Instagram @paaw_barry @digby_the_sausage

Vinnie’s Round-up

I’m a bit short on news this week friends as we haven’t been able to do much, nevertheless I’ve kept my ears sharp, here’s a little round up of the bits and pieces I have picked up. It’s our birthday next week, can you believe it, PAAW House is one year old. I think we have some shenanigans planned! I’m really missing seeing my friends these days, I’ve been sending them photos and getting nice messages from them but it’s not the same as a walk in the park. The Zoom thingy seems to be in fashion again, I heard her talking about me on it recently for a Podcast but I didn’t catch when it will be on air.

My humans are so bored they’ve put the Christmas tree up early, has anyone else put their decorations up? Oh, and NewsHound (which was my idea) is on the radio, have a listen on Pride Radio 89.2fm, you might catch our advert! Woofs, Vinnie. You can follow my adventures and let me know what you are up to on Instagram @paaw_vinnie

The Little Soap Company; Fabulous, Organic, Vegan & Cruelty Free

Looking for stocking fillers, gifts for pets who like to look and feel good, or just a special treat to cheer you up during lockdown, then look no further than the fabulous Little Soap Company. A beautiful range of 100% Natural, Vegan, Organic, and Cruelty Free soaps and beauty products for humans and pets. We have long admired these natural products made in the UK, the perfect addition to your Christmas shopping basket. Check out their new plastic free eco warrior range.

© @little_soap_co

Bookclub; Dogs and their Humans

This week’s pick is Lucy Sewill’s ‘Dogs and Their Humans’. It’s a beautiful book featuring the special relationship between 22 celebrities and their four-legged friends. Lucy has a wonderful talent, taking relaxed and intimate photographs in stunning black and white. It’s a book for every dog lovers coffee table and as Christmas is coming, an excellent gift too.

© @lucysewill

Gabby, Vinnie & The PAAW Crew

If you have something you would like to share with our members relating to pets, pet/animal welfare, pet friendly or your favourite pet brands get in touch at

For updates and information on getting involved in PAAWstival you can contact We welcome like-minded brands and businesses, who may like to feature on our online PAAWstival marketplace, take a stand at our live event or join our pack of sponsors.

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