NewsHound | Issue 04

Welcome to Newshound, as we celebrate our first birthday this week’s edition is all about ‘us’. By ‘us’ I mean those who have supported, believed in, and inspired us over the last 12 months. As we continue to grow and prosper, we dedicate this week’s NewsHound to all of you, without you we wouldn’t be who we are today.

12 Months of PAAW….

It’s certainly been a rollercoaster since we launched just one short year ago. We have grown to a team of 5, accumulated more than 50k social media followers, have a broad spectrum of fans, from celebrity supporters & political allies, to our homeless friends and charities, and of course our members, ambassadors and partners, who all share our ethos and love for pets. Being the party animals that we are, we even managed to squeeze in a couple of cheeky parties and make a few pounds for our charities, Streetvet & The Wild at Heart Foundation.

Then lockdown happened, rather than rest on our laurels, we rallied the troops, pulled lots of favours, the result PAAWstival 2020. We are not gonna say it wasn’t chaotic and a little stressful, yet it’s the event we are most proud of. Why so? PAAWstival represents our belief in collaboration and positive vibes, we brought together a host of guests from all walks of life, all with one thing in common, empathy, respect, and love for animals.

Massive thanks to all who have supported and shared our journey including, Burly Bear Pom, Anna Webb, ByBenji, You and The Dog, House of Denna, PetsLets, Pride Radio, Chapter Design, Butternut Box, Drake & Morgan, Holly & Lil, Ben Oakley & David Bray, Barketplace, Joe Collins Nutkins, Total Thrive Productions, an0 Technology and all the entertainers who took part in PAAWstival.

What have we learned in the past 12 months?

Flexibility has been key to our success, learning and adapting quickly. Has it all been plain sailing? Of course not! We’ve got things wrong; we’ve got people wrong. The great thing about getting things wrong is experiencing and having the opportunity to own, learn, and move on from your mistakes! Our website will be getting a massive makeover in 2021 with PetsNet taking on a whole new identity. We are super excited about PAAWstival 2021, our biggest event to date will be held on the aptly named Isle Of Dogs in London (paws crossed).

We are also very excited about the progress Jasmine’s Law has been making, and will continue to support this cause which is so close to our hearts. We are hugely grateful to all who have given us the chance to share our campaign and beliefs including; A Dogs Life Podcast, The Express, The Sun, Pick Me Up Magazine, BBC Radio, River Magazine, Southwark News, Dog Desk News, The Bermondsey Biscuit, The Urban Fox, and a number of pet blogs, thank you.

So, our hopes for 2021; to grow and develop, listen to our friends and members, support our charities and one another, continue to challenge the status quo and party hard of course.

Pets in Parliament – Kratu

Last week we introduced Pets in Parliament, in addition to the dogs of our parliamentarians, there is another very special dog. If you haven’t already heard of him, meet Kratu. Kratu is a dog of many talents, assistance dog to his human Tess, viral internet sensation worldwide for his antics at Crufts, ambassador and friend to numerous animal charities.

Kratu attends the APDAWG (All party Parliamentary Dog Advisory Welfare Group) with Tess, as they both support the group. Kratu is looking forward to his new role as the first ambassador for APDAWG. He is currently the star of a charity Christmas card range in collaboration with Jo Scott Art. All the proceeds from his card will be donated to Wetnose Animal Aid, who support small rescues who are struggling during these times.