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NewsHound | Issue 08

Hello NewsHounds, this week features Dilyn of Downing Street, new rules for travelling with pets post Brexit, happy endings for a Dachshund family thanks to the RSPCA and PAAW House’s Christmas wishes.

Olive Branch – Dog Friendly Pub named UK Pub of the Year by The Good Pub Guide 2021

It’s been more than two years since we visited the fabulous Dog friendly Olive Branch in Clipsham. One of the first pubs in the UK to win a Michelin Star, the wonderful food and experience is still fresh in our minds! We were delighted to hear that the Good Pub Guide 2021 has named The Olive Branch their overall Pub of the Year. The Olive Branch is a small village pub in England’s smallest county. Three friends bought it in 1999 and, with the help of family and villagers, rescued what was then a closed pub from an uncertain fate. Since then, The Olive Branch has achieved many accolades, including the same Pub of the Year title in 2014.

The Good Pub Guide says: “In this most difficult of years, we are delighted to award Pub of the Year 2021 to The Olive Branch in Clipsham, Rutland. To compete in the Pub of the Year category a pub has to have unanimous enthusiasm from all readers on all aspects of its business – it has to be top of its game and The Olive Branch is most definitely that. It’s a really special place for a drink, a meal or an overnight stay. It’s a perennially successful inn which attracts a deservedly loyal following from both near and far, and will celebrate its 21st anniversary on December 12.”

Co-founder and MD of The Olive Branch Ben Jones said: “What brilliant news to receive on our 21st anniversary at the end of this incredibly challenging year. We first opened on December 12, 1999, with a village Christmas party.” If you fancy an overnight stay when you have had your fill you can book a stay at the Olive Branch’s, Beech House. Located directly opposite the pub it provides pet friendly accommodation options and a perfect location to explore the local area. We are looking forward to our next visit in 2021.

© @jolivebranchclipsham

Travelling with Pets to EU and Northern Ireland post Brexit

As we approach 2021 with hope and positive vibes, we also know that many things will change at the end of the Brexit transition period. This week heralded some good news for those travelling with their pets to countries within the EU or Northern Ireland. The European Commission has granted the UK Part 2 listed status, under the EU Pet Travel Scheme from January 1st 2021. This means that pet parents will have an easier time taking the pets to the continent post Brexit than originally expected. A summary of the new travel rules:

Pet passports will no longer be valid for pet owners wishing to travel from England, Scotland and Wales

If you want to take your cat, dog or ferret abroad from Great Britian to Northern Ireland or a country within the EU you will need an animal health certificate from your vet. The health certificate is valid for one journey for up to four months.

The certificates will include details of a rabies vaccination (which takes 21 days) and, if you are travelling to Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, your pet will also need to be treated against Echinococcus.

If you are travelling from the EU into Great Britian you will need a pet passport, there will be no changes until July 1st 2021 when you will have to use a designated point of entry.

Full details for all pet travel changes can be found on the government website

© @paaw_vinnie

Pets In Parliament – Dilyn of Downing Street

Did you make the Christmas card list? On the week he makes his debut on the Downing Street Christmas card, Dilyn of Downing Street is this week’s parliamentary pet. The PAAW Crew are big fans of Dilyn the dog, not for his political views, but rather the fact that he fly’s the flag for rescue pets and the horrors of puppy farms. He also lives in one of the most important homes in the country which makes him a good guy to know for his unique opportunity to promote animal welfare issues.

We also want to congratulate Dilyns human Mum on being named person of the year by PETA this week. Carrie Symonds has been named “person of the year” by leading animal rights group PETA. Ms Symonds has been an outspoken campaigner on animal rights and the fight against plastic pollution, and this year successfully pushed for supermarkets to stop selling Thai coconut products procured with monkey “slave labour”. “Carrie Symonds is a fearless force for good when it comes to making the world a kinder place for animals,” Peta’s managing director Ingrid Newkirk was quoted as saying in The Daily Telegraph. “PETA is delighted to honour her for using her platform to encourage people to spare a thought for our fellow animals whom we share this planet with.” Ms Symonds has also campaigned against trophy hunting, the killing of puffins in Iceland, and is a patron of the Conservative Animal Welfare Association. Merry Christmas Dilyn & family, here’s hoping 2021 will be a good year for pet and animal welfare.

© Picture by Andrew Parsons 10 Downing Street

Happy Endings for Santa’s Dachshunds – RSPCA

A litter of nine dachshund puppies and their Mum which were cared for by the RSPCA last Christmas, have now landed on their paws in their forever homes. Olive and her puppies came into the care of the RSPCA Halifax in the run up to Christmas last year. The staff believed the nine three-week-old puppies had been bred for sale as Christmas presents. Each puppy was named after one of Santa’s reindeers Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolf. The litter needed round-the-clock care and the branch was inundated with applications to rehome them.

Rudolph who is now named Arthur, loves toys and walks in the park and is described by his new family as funny and loving. Cupid now answers to the name Betsy, she loves everyone and everything and her human family describe her as the best thing in the world. Vixen, now known as Luna landed a home with two other dachshunds, the three are now inseparable. Dancer settled on the name Monty, he loves the beach and adores his human brothers and sisters. All nine puppies and their Mum Olive were rehomed by the RSPCA and will be spending their first Christmas in their forever homes. We love happy endings.

© @official_rspca

Gremlin’s Festive Tips

Hello, I’m Gremlin the very first feline ambassador for PAAW House. I plan to fly the the cat flag high and mighty in the coming months, and look forward to sharing my adventures with you. Today I would like to offer some festive advice. My nineth Christmas is approaching, so here’s some tips to avoid catastrophe this festive season. It might sound bah hum bug, but Christmas trees are banned in my home for ‘health and safety’. However tempting, these indoor trees are not made for climbing. They crash to the floor creating a decoration disaster zone.

As pretty and playful as tinsel and baubles might seem, both could mean you’re at the vets on Christmas day. Without being overtly anti-social, just ignore any visitors, retreat to your best hideaway until they’ve gone. Avoid close contact with pot plants like the red poinsettia. Nibbling these leaves may give you a dose of the most undignified runs. Train your pet parent to stock up on your usual grub, I quite like a slice of turkey, but leftovers are for dogs. Lastly ‘respect the claw’! Stand your ground. Say no to elf hats or Santa costumes.

© @annawebbdogs

Christmas Wishes from Gabby & Vinnie

I would like to wish all our members and friends a safe and Happy Christmas. I would also like to thank the PAAW House team for all their efforts and accomplishments this year. Denna, Anna and Burly Bear Pom for their contributions, support and great ambassadorship. Cooper & Todd, Bonnie Beau, Digby, Gizmo, Stewie and Gremlin for joining our PAAW crew and spreading the love, friends and family who support our efforts behind the scenes, and a very special shout out to two of the most annoying (everything has to be picture-perfect!) and creative pups we have ever met! Phil, Warren, AKA Chapter Design, thank you for dressing up PAAW House and making it look pawsome, as well as supporting all my crazy ideas. A regular occurrence, it’s always lovely when people get in touch to compliment your work and designs, THANK YOU!

Thanks also to our charities StreetVet and The Wild at Heart Foundation, it’s an honour to support your work, and we appreciate your support on our shared values. Finally, a big YAY to Andrew Rosindell MP for introducing Jasmines Law to Parliament recently. We look forward to continue supporting Andrews efforts to ensure this bill is passed successfully.

Our NewsHound reporters will be taking a break next week but they will be back the following week. Check out @paaw_house if you would like to enter our competition, there’s a Relaxopet Hamper up for grabs thanks to @relaxopet and @annawebbdogs. @burlybearpom also has a fun A-Z with some London facts and photos.

Have a safe and Happy Christmas, G&V x

© @paaw_house

The Wood Life Company – Gifts that Care for the Planet

We recently discovered yet another fabulous UK brand. The Wood Life Project is a luxury eco-friendly homewares brand selling high quality, wooden, sustainable and plastic-free products. The Wood Life Project produces beautiful, innovative and practical wooden items which can be used in our homes every day.

The product range is based around the family home, with the emphasis being on family mealtimes. We love the hand-finished wooden cat and dog bowls, which benefit your pet and the environment. The wood is sustainably sourced from legally-felled trees in the UK, and is naturally antibacterial to help keep your pet healthy. Each bowl is designed for wet and dry food, and a personalised engraving of your pet’s name can be added once your order is placed. Founders Hazel and Jimmy Russell decided to create a brand with a vision to end the plastic revolution and the throw-away mindset of our generation. A brand which would inspire others and change the way people consume forever.

© @thewoodlifeproject

Bookclub – Moon Dog

A heart-warming animal tale of bravery and friendship between a lost boy, a daring girl and the dog next door – from an author celebrated for her honest, heartfelt and inclusive stories. Marcus and Delilah couldn’t be more different. He is as big as she is tiny. As angry and lost as she is tremendous and brave. But they share a dream: to own a dog of their own. So when a mystery pup turns up in the empty house next door, Marcus can’t believe his luck.

He visits him every night and names him Moon Dog. But it’s soon clear that Moon Dog is in danger, and when Marcus and Delilah discover a dark secret it will test their bravery and their friendship. Moon Dog is a beautifully written account of Marcus as he tries to make a new friend whilst uncovering the mystery of the dog who keeps turning up in the garden of the empty house next door.


Gabby, Vinnie & The PAAW Crew

If you have something you would like to share with our members relating to pets, pet/animal welfare, pet friendly or your favourite pet brands get in touch at

For updates and information on getting involved in PAAWstival you can contact We welcome like-minded brands and businesses, who may like to feature on our online PAAWstival marketplace, take a stand at our live event or join our pack of sponsors.

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