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NewsHound | Issue 09

Hello NewsHounds, wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year. This week we feature a study from the National History Museum, a Downing Street scuffle involving Larry the Cat, Animal Sentience information from RSPCA, plus a tribute to Claude and his legacy of friendship and goodness.

Tribute to Claude – #CLAUDESMEMORIES

We were very sad to hear about the passing of our friend Claude recently. Claude, a beautiful Golden Retriever was a very special boy who was loved by everyone who met him. We were fortunate to meet Claude and his human family a number of times, he was a boy who naturally brought a smile to all who knew him, not easily forgotten.

Claude regularly attended dog friendly events; he stole the show at a couple of our charity parties! He had many friends, both human and canine as the tributes on his social media accounts attest, he will be greatly missed not least by his heartbroken family. Claude leaves behind not just a legacy of friendship and goodness, he was also a blood donor helping save the lives of other dogs.

We send his family our deepest condolences, we are happy he got to spend Christmas with all who loved him. Rest well, and have fun on the other side of the rainbow bridge Claude, @the_life_of_claude – #claudesmemories. If you would like to find out more about the pet blood bank UK you will find some information here, Canine Blood Bank Charity | Pet Blood Bank UK | Pet Blood Bank UK

© @paaw_house #claudesmemories

Does Your Dog Have a Favourite Colour?

The 2020 puppy boom was real, we’ve certainly noticed lots of new pups on the block locally. With ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, many new pet parents may not have had the opportunity to socialise or deal with behavioural issues in their new family members. I personally didn’t know about a really useful colour coding system, signifying certain behavioural or health issues a dog may have until quite recently.

RED – Caution, I like my own space, ORANGE – I like meeting people, but not Dogs, GREEN – Friendly, I like meeting new friends, YELLOW – Nervous, please give me some space, WHITE – Deaf or Blind, I may not be able to see or hear you, BLUE – Training or Service dog, I am learning new skills or I am working.

My own dog, Vinnie can be quite anxious around new dogs, whilst he is not aggressive others may consider him so when they hear him bark. We’ve recently started using his red lead (ironically purchased because red suits him, not for any coding reasons). I have however noticed that other dog walkers do give us more space when we are out and about. Of course, it’s important to respect a new dog’s boundaries whatever colour they may be wearing, and speak to their owner before you or your dog become over familiar. The colour coded system, visible from a distance, helps dogs of all breeds and sizes let strangers know their personalities and preferences before being approached. This can make dog walking a more enjoyable experience for everyone, but in particular those whose dogs are nervous or anxious in new situations. An alternative option to coloured leads is to use coloured ribbons or bandanas tied in a prominent spot on a dog’s lead.

© @paaw_vinnie

Pets in Parliament – Larry the Cat

Our animal loving MPs who work tirelessly on animal welfare issues, across all parties will be back on NewsHound next week. Having featured Dilyn last week we thought it only fitting to give his feline colleague Larry, the Downing Street Cat a shout out this week. Larry a 13-year-old tabby cat arrived at Downing Street from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home back in 2011. Despite reports of his killer instincts, we like to think he’s been hanging out with the mice & keeping them safe and out of sight since his arrival!

Larry recently gave a group of cold and weary journalists some entertainment outside Downing Street. Larry provided an unanticipated photo opportunity in a scuffle with a pigeon on December 24th. Despite Larry’s seemingly triumphant attack both cat and pigeon came away unhurt. For more information about the great work of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home or to make a donation check out their website Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

© @Andrew Parsons, 10 Downing Street for Larry the Cat

Animal Sentience – RSPCA

From 1st January 2021, Brexit will mean European laws recognising the sentience of animals will no longer apply in the UK. A wide and growing body of research reveals that many animals, from chicken and lobsters to rats and fish are sentient beings, experiencing negative and positive feelings like pleasure, joy, pain and distress. For example, rats have been found to giggle when tickled, chickens are intelligent, have distinct personalities, use over 20 different calls and have a sense of time.

RSPCA animal welfare expert Dr Penny Hawkins says “Science shows us that many animals are sentient beings, able to experience feelings like pain or pleasure, and they should be protected in law. “It’s not just mammals and birds that can be considered sentient. “The issue of animal sentience has implications for all areas of human-animal interaction; if animals can have feelings, as we know many can, both their physical and mental welfare needs must be taken into account. This is very important with respect to laws, policies and people’s behaviour relating to animals and their welfare.

“The concept of animal sentience must be enshrined in law, so that all government departments would have to consider the impact on the welfare of sentient animals when developing any policies in any area of life. In order to help ensure that the government receives well-informed guidance in its application of a new animal sentience law we are also calling for an expert, independent animal welfare advisory committee.” Animal sentience is enshrined in EU law, but is the only issue which is not being carried over into UK law by the UK Government as Brexit takes place.

© @official_rspca

January – Walk Your Dog Month

This year for Walk Your Dog Month we invite you to join us for some online fun. As a social hub for pet lovers, at PAAW House we are always thinking of ways to connect our community. Many of us are missing social interactions in these unprecedented times. We would like to invite our members and friends to join us for some light hearted enjoyment, to help us smile and connect throughout January. Walk Your Dog Month x PAAWs Out and About, an online photo sharing competition to celebrate our daily dog walking adventures, destinations and experiences.

Taking part is easy. All you need to do is take some photos on your daily dog walks, (as long as you are in an environment where it is safe to do so). Share your photos with us on social media using the hashtag #paawsoutandabout. The competition will run across Instagram and Facebook. For Instagram lovers, tag @paaw_house in your photos, those who prefer Facebook can join us @PAAWs United – Pet CommUNITY or tag your photo to @paaw_house. Remember you must use the hashtag #paawsoutandabout to be entered. The winner will receive a London based mini photo shoot with renowned pet photographer, Aurelie Four (when it’s safe to do so), plus two VIP tickets to PAAWstival 2021. Four runners up will also get VIP entry to PAAWstival 2021. Winners will be announced at the beginning of February and all of your photos will feature backstage at PAAWstival 2021! ! Full details can be found here Beat the January Blues – Walking the Dog | PAAW House

© @dinothedisableddog

503 New Species in 2020 – Natural History Museum

Despite being closed for most of 2020, Natural History Museum scientists and researchers have continued their crucial work when and where they can. Museum scientists have recently described 503 new species to science, from all kingdoms of life, ranging from lichen, wasps and barnacles to minerals, miniature tarantulas and a monkey.

Dr Tim Littlewood, Executive Director of Science at the Museum says. “Once again, an end of year tally of new species has revealed a remarkable diversity of life forms and minerals hitherto undescribed.” Revealing new and undescribed species not only sustains our awe of the natural world, it further reveals what we stand to lose and helps estimate the diversity we may lose even before it’s discovered. Our understanding of the natural world’s diversity is negligible and yet we depend on its systems, interconnectedness and complexity for food, water, climate resilience and the air we breathe.”

Ken Norris, Head of Life Sciences at the Natural History Museum says, “With the world changing at an astonishing pace through climate and land use change as well as other numerous pressures on the natural world, it has never been more important to record life on our planet. To protect and preserve life on our planet we need to document and understand it. Thanks to the astonishing effort of the Museum’s researchers during this difficult past year, we now know just that little bit more.” Full details can be found at, New species | Natural History Museum (

© @natural_history_museum

PAAW House Loves – Our Top Picks

Each week we will continue to share with you our favourite pet friendly picks; products, places, services and people. We would also love to hear about your top picks, if you have any tips for the perfect getaway or treats for our human or canine friends do let us know.

Book Club – The Miraculous Life of Maggie the Wunderdog

Heart-breaking at times but equally heart-warming this is the story of Maggie the Wunderdog and her family. Maggie is a remarkable Wild at Heart Foundation rescue dog, who has touched the lives of many not least her loving human companion Kasey. She is a shining example of unconditional love and forgiveness. Her story although heart wrenching at times is a must for dog lovers. The Miraculous Life of Maggie the Wunderdog by Kasey Carlin, Jordan Paramor | Waterstones

© @maggiethewunderdog

Gabby, Vinnie & The PAAW Crew

If you have something you would like to share with our members relating to pets, pet/animal welfare, pet friendly or your favourite pet brands get in touch at

For updates and information on getting involved in PAAWstival you can contact We welcome like-minded brands and businesses, who may like to feature on our online PAAWstival marketplace, take a stand at our live event or join our pack of sponsors.

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