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NewsHound | Issue 11

Hello NewsHounds, we’re back! This week features a Caribbean Street Dog named Dora, Max and his amazing PDSA award, our new ambassador Star Dogtastic and a wonderful collaboration between The Wild at Heart Foundation and BARC London. We’ve also got some PAAWstival updates and news of our very own National Day honouring pet friendly businesses.

Dora the Explorer

What have you been watching on TV? A regular topic on private Zoom calls these days. Not historically a TV buff we have watched pretty much everything that has been recommended over the last 11 months. One of my recent favourites is Death in Paradise, they always get the bad guy, surrounded by the beautiful waters of the Caribbean.

We were heartened and a little surprised to hear that DI Neville Parker, AKA Ralf Little the goofy DI who is scared of every creature that moves, including handsome Harry the lizard, is thankfully not allergic to dogs. Ralf who plays DI Parker in the show recently posted a heart-warming video on Instagram detailing how he and his team fell in love with, and rescued a little street dog who they named Dora (the Explorer).

Ralf and his colleagues fell for street dog Dora when she visited them on set in Guadeloupe during filming of the shows last season. Dora was all set to fly back to the UK where the team had secured her a forever home, when flight rules changed due to lockdown. What to do with little Dora? Ralf arranged for her to stay with some friends on the island before flying her 1300 miles to his home in Florida.

DI Neville Parker may not quite have got his happy ending in the last episode of Death in Paradise, it looks like Ralf and Dora certainly got theirs, just in time for Valentine’s day. Watch Ralf’s video diary here Ralf Little (@ralf.little) • Instagram photos and videos.

© @ralf.little

As we wake up to more positive news every day and the narrative shifts to life slowly getting back to normal, we continue to be grateful to our pets for their companionship over the last year, and to all who kept us safe during this pandemic. We are looking forward to getting out and about to our favourite pet friendly haunts over the coming months. We are also looking forward to meeting some of you at our very first live PAAWstival 2021 in September. To celebrate and give a big nod to all those businesses where Pets Are Always Welcome, we have created our very own National Day. A celebration of all things pet friendly and a warm up for PAAWstival, there will be lots of ways to get involved in National Pets Are Always Welcome Day on 28th August 2021.

National Pets Are Always Welcome Day sponsored by PAAWstival 2021 and the PAAWstival Dog Awards combines our love for our pets, our charities and our belief in tolerance and kindness towards all who love a pet as part of their family. We will be showcasing our pet friendly friends on a dedicated ‘Pets Are Always Welcome Day’ section on our PAAWstival website, where incidentally you will be able to enter our charity Dog Awards very soon. If you’ve got a favourite pet friendly venue that you would like us to feature do let us know.

Drop us a line to

© @paaw_house

Order of Merit for Max in the Lakes

Congratulations to Max the 13-year-old Springer Spaniel who received the PDSA Order of Merit recently. The PDSA Order of Merit is known as the animal equivalent of an OBE. It recognises animals that display outstanding devotion to their owner or society, above and beyond companionship. Max is the first ever pet to receive the award since its inception in 2014.

In 2006, Max’s owner, Kerry Irving, was the victim of a road traffic accident. This left the fit, outdoor-loving 46-year-old unable to walk. As a result, Kerry’s mental health declined and he was diagnosed with severe depression. Two years after the accident, Kerry met Max and their incredible bond gave him a reason to walk again. They climbed Ben Nevis twelve months later – a challenge that proved how far they had come together.

Kerry, a keen amateur photographer started to show Max enjoying his walks in the Lake District on his business Facebook page. As a result, followers grew as more people began visiting the page to enjoy Max’s adventures. Kerry dedicated the entire page to him, renaming it ‘Max out in the Lakes’.

Since 2017, Max has met over 10,000 people through personal meet-and-greets, charity walks, public appearances, school visits and book signings. He has helped to raise nearly £300,000 for a number of charities, including PDSA.

Max’s popularity as a social media star provides a feel-good factor and he has inspired many through dark and difficult times. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Max has provided comfort, hope and support to thousands who joined him on walks via Facebook Live. At a time when many people were anxious, Max was there.

Max has become an ambassador for the positive impact that animals have on mental health and wellbeing. PDSA is honoured to award him with the PDSA Order of Merit, for showing the contribution that animals make to human lives, beyond ordinary companionship.

© @teampdsa

Jasmine’s Law and Pets in the Age of Lockdown

Join us this Friday, 26th February, when Andrew Rosindell will be hosting a landmark online event on his Ten-Minute Rule Bill, “Jasmine’s Law” and his campaign for #APetInEveryHome. The human animal bond has never been more significant, alleviating both loneliness and the stresses of everyday life during lockdown. The government has recently further acknowledged the importance of pets to people with their new Model Tenancy Agreement. Unfortunately, the changes to the Model Tenancy Agreement doesn’t provide a solution to the problems people with pets face when looking for accommodation. The agreement is a non-mandatory set of guidelines and according to the NRLA is not currently widely used by landlords. If anything, the changes have caused even more confusion, in doing so it has however highlighted the need for formal legalisation which in my opinion would benefit the landlord and tenant equally.

The past decade has seen an increase in the percentages of our population in rental accommodation, with 20% now in the private rented sector, up from 13% in 2007. Yet just 55% of landlords allow pets. Thousands of people are forced to give up their pets every year because of discriminatory ‘no pet’ clauses, which are almost always unnecessary. Up to 200 dogs a year are surrendered to Battersea alone due to these clauses. Andrew Rosindell’s bill will change this, by banning blanket “no pets” clauses in rented accommodation. Subject to certain requirements and exemptions, the right to own a pet would be assumed.

Join Andrew and an array of special guest speakers across two panels to discuss. Sign up for the free webinar here – Jasmines Law & Pets in the age of Lockdown.

© @andrewrosindellmp

Star Dogtastic

We are delighted to welcome Star Dogtastic who recently joined our team of ambassadors. Star who celebrated his 2nd birthday last week is a very special boy and we look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with him in the future. Star joined his human family soon after his owners much loved working Labrador Jake passed over the rainbow bridge. Star was lucky to have another canine brother Kaiser for his first few weeks with his new family. Sadly Kaiser followed Jake over the bridge soon after Star arrived, but not before showing him the ropes and teaching him everything he could about being the perfect house pet.

Sadie, Stars human Mum says “I couldn’t wish for a better dog to raise with my children. We are a military family so we move around lots. I don’t know what I would do if the military didn’t allow dogs in their properties, but thankfully they do! We own a house that has a lovely garden, I insisted to the estate agents that I wanted tenants that either had, or planned to have a dog and that’s exactly what we have. Dogs have always been my life, I have been very lucky to have a long career history with animals. When I left work to raise my family there was no question that dogs would be a big part of that.”

© @stardogtastic

Wild at Heart Foundation x BARC London

We love the recent collaboration between BARC and The Wild at Heart Foundation. Barc London design a beautiful range of dog collars leads and harnesses. They share many of the same core values as PAAW House and have been supporters of the wonderful work of our friends at The Wild at Heart Foundation for some time. They have recently created a beautiful WAHF collection blending BARC’s fabulous designs with the foundations mission.

The collection includes collars, leads and harnesses, everything needed for a safe and stylish walkies. Combining a joyful colour palette, the iconic ‘I Believe in Dog’ slogan and BARCs impeccable attention to detail. With soft nylon webbing that is gentle on fur and quick-release buckles, as well as a fully adjustable fit, the pieces have been designed with both safety and inclusivity in mind – after all, our dogs come in all shapes and sizes!

Best of all, this collection generously donates 60% of profits to dogs in need around the world – so not only does it look good, but it does good too. We’ve ordered ours, what are you waiting for...

© @wild_at_heart_foundation

Talolo Boots – Wellies with a Difference

Talolo Boots, the ultimate cowboy boots that make you smile, come rain or shine. We’re all crossing our fingers and paws for the 2021 festival season and looking forward to getting our boots out for PAAWstival in September.

Following some of the hottest trends, these welly boots are both super stylish and practical. You can wear Talolo Boots to keep dry on the high street, look chic at events or festivals or simply to walk the dog. These on-trend cowboy-style wellington boots are exceptionally comfortable and are made from high quality biodegradable rubber. What’s not to love? P.S. They don’t even look like wellies!

Do you have a zest for life? If you fancy standing out from the crowd, then these all out-there funky boots will certainly get you noticed and keep your feet dry, of course. We got ours for Dogstival last year, we will be polishing them up for the summer 2021 festival season. Talolo Boots | The original western-style wellington boots

© @taloloboots

Artists Corner – David Speed

The team at PAAW House really appreciate our local Street Art, and recently keep coming across these amazing neon animal murals by the super talented David Speed. If you managed to get out and about around Shoreditch before lockdown, you have probably come across some of his striking images, which are scattered around the East London creative hub. We hope to convince him and his team to join us in our Artists Corner at Paawstival 2021 later in the year but in the meantime, head over to his Instagram @davidspeeduk & check out more of his amazing work and better still, when we are allowed out and about again – take a walkies with your canine friend and find them in all their natural neon glow! Feel free to share your photos with us on PAAWs United .

© @davidspeeduk

Gabby, Vinnie & The PAAW Crew

If you have something you would like to share with our members relating to pets, pet/animal welfare, pet friendly or your favourite pet brands get in touch at

For updates and information on getting involved in PAAWstival you can contact We welcome like-minded brands and businesses, who may like to feature on our online PAAWstival marketplace, take a stand at our live event or join our pack of sponsors.

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