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Pen Farthing

Founder of Nowzad Charity, Operation Ark, Author and Animal Lover

Nowzad charity founder, author and animal lover.
Pen Farthing with some very happy dogs.

Bio: A Former sergeant in the Royal Marines who served in Afghanistan, Pen Farthing is the founder of Nowzad, a charity that is responsible for reuniting soldiers with dogs and cats they had bonded with whilst on duty. Pen is also responsible for hugely successful Operation Ark where his bravery and determination changed the lives of his dedicated staff, their families, and the animals in their care. He continues his work supporting animal welfare in Afghanistan. Nowzad now also works to support those helping abandoned animals in war torn Ukraine. Pen has written a number of books about his work, and his love for the stray dogs of Afghanistan.

PAAW House Loves:

From that first desperate plea for help we love everything about the success story that is Operation Ark.

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