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Royal Arsenal, Woolwich (Berkeley Homes)


📍Imperial Building, No. 2 Duke of Wellington Avenue, Royal Arsenal Riverside, Woolwich, London, SE18 6FR



Royal Arsenal is an ex military armoury turned housing development, located on the South side of the Thames River. Now home to thousands of residents, human and canine it's a little community of it's very own. You will find properties for sale and for rent at Royal Arsenal. Pet friendly rentals will be dependant on the landlords attuite to pets.

Overview: Take a short walk around Royal Arsenal and you won't be able to go a single minute without spotting a fluffy friend or two. Despite the development offering predominantly flats, the surrounding green areas make owning a dog easy here. If you are a resident with a dog, you just need to fill out a simple "pet licence" so the management company can keep a record. This is free of charge and really easy to do. The development is also home to 3 dog friendly bars, a number of dog friendly cafes and if you have a small dog, you can even take carry them into the on-site Tesco while you do your shopping.

PAAW House loves:

The local residents have a Facebook Group just for dog owners. Here you can find top tips, set up play dates and help each other out with dog related info.

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