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Sniffe & Likkit



Sniffe & Likkit natural dog grooming products.
@annawebbdogs Prudence all set for a home spa


Sniffe & Likkit can be purchased on their website and in various leading UK pet stores such as Love My Human and Pet Pavilion.

Overview: Bath time and home grooming is so fragrant, easy and natural with Sniffe & Likkit. The Fragrant Fur coat shampoo is a 3 in I, so it cleans pooches quickly, leaving an iridescent sheen. Featuring its signature aromatherapeutic scent called Woodland Wonderfur, it combines essential oils like Cedarwood, Vetiver and Petigrain as a grounding and calming aroma, that really works to make bath time a pampering experience.

PAAW House Loves:

We love Sniffe & Likket products; some of our favourites are the super soft Glove My Dog towels and their Woodland Walk room scents.

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