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Strike a pose - Pupdate from Burly...

Hello Burlings

Hope all my dog and human friends are safe and well and COVID hasn’t played too much havoc with your family life. It’s been a tough few months for everyone but my Dad tells me I was a little rock. To be honest I was delighted to have him around all the time!

I’ve managed to keep in touch with my friends on Instagram and I had a catch-up call with Vinnie every week to find out what was going on at PAAW House HQ. Me, Vinnie and the PAAW Dogs, Barry and Bibi had lots of events planned over the summer before lockdown. We were very sad that they had to be cancelled especially as they were in aid of our favourite charities StreetVet and the Wild at Heart Foundation.

Rather than feel sad, Vinnies humans decided to organise an online event, called PAAWstival. I know it was a bit of a challenge as they had never done anything online before, I thought it was great and even put in a guest appearance. The best bit, PAAWstival raised over £2000 for our friends at StreetVet, who continued to support the homeless and their dogs during lockdown.

I must admit, I did miss getting out and about on my usual adventures during those few months, I’ve tried to make up for it since lockdown eased. My Dad bought a bike, I had never ridden on a bicycle before. It has a cool basket on the front, I get to sit inside wrapped in a blanket and see all the sights whilst he does all the work, result! I We cycled to a couple of family parties in the park, it was safer for everyone to meet outside and the weather was lovely.

Burly cycling © @burlybearpom

I also had some socially distanced meetings with Vinnie, we had good fun and it was great to catch up. It was at one of these meetings I overheard them talking about Dogstival. What? Whoop, finally I was off to a real live dog event with my Dads!

After months with mostly humans for company (no complaints) we were off to Dogstival. We got the train to Bournemouth. It’s a bit strange getting used to seeing humans wearing masks but I know it’s important. As soon as we arrived in Bournemouth, I got to go to the beach for the first time ever. I loved it! I played in the sand, caught a big wave, and totally destroyed my hair, my Dad was on hand to sort that out!

The morning of the festival finally arrived. We were off to a place called (did I hear that right?) Burley Park! I know I’m special, but a park, a village and a manor house hotel all named after me, whoa, even if they do spell the name wrong!

Burly at Burley Manor © @burlybearpom

We arrived at Burley Park, a beautiful park in the New Forest at 10am, it was the start of two amazing days. I met the super cool Anna Webb @annawebbdogs and her dogs Prudence and Mr Binks. I took a shine to Prudence but that’s a story for another day. Prudence told me Anna has a great podcast and I might even get to be on it some day!

Next up, I was introduced to Jonny and Milo @jonnyandmilotheett. They were there working as volunteers for Pets as Therapy, we had so much fun with them. I love Pets as Therapy; my Dads have volunteered me as a therapy dog too. As I wandered around looking at all the great dog stands, I bumped into Buzz Pom @buzz_the_pompom, he’s super fluffy, fun and we had a great time chasing the ladies.

There was loads of fun things at Dogstival, agility, free treats, and a swimming pool for us dogs. I had my first ever pool dip. I took to it like a duck to water, one proud Dad, the other horrified at the state of my hair!

Burly at Dosgstival © @burlybearpom

Just when I thought the weekend couldn’t get any better one of my Dads decided to enter me into the Dog show. Guess what? I won Mr. Dogstival. My Dads were overjoyed and a little embarrassing, you should have seen them proudly jumping around like crazy. I took it all in my stride.

As my great adventure weekend was about to end, I got my picture taken with Dr Scott Miller @drscottym, the Vet on the Hill who was there as a special guest speaker.

Burly with Dr Scott Miller © @burlybearpom

Back to my London adventures. I’ve been for coffee with my good friend David Bailey, I’m told he’s a very special photographer who has taken pictures of the Queen, Andy Warhol, and The Beatles to name a few. Maybe one day he will take a picture of me, for now I am happy to hang out and have my photo taken with him.

Burly with David Bailey © @burlybearpom

Recently I have been helping PAAW House promote the wonderful Haute Dogs calendar, 12 celebrity milliners have created 12 hats which are modelled by 12 rescue dogs, @hautedogscalendar. All proceeds from the calendar go to The Wild at Heart Foundation, @wild_at_heart_foundation. Imagine my excitement when I realised that another friend, Royal Milliner, Stephen Jones was involved in the project.

Burly with Stephen Jones © @burlybearpom

PAAW House arranged for me to borrow the hat that Stephen created for the charity calendar and we went off on an adventure to Stephens shop in Covent Garden. Even though he was busy getting ready for Paris Fashion Week Stephen popped in to see me and pose for a photo. I was wearing his headpiece, he picked me up and put me on his head like a hat, good job I am only little. I think this will be our signature pose in the future…

I am currently working my paws off on another very exciting charity event with Vinnie and the PAAW crew. PAAWstival is back again next year and this time it will be a live event (paws crossed). Yours truly will be hosting the PAAWstival Dog Awards, a dog show with a difference, and some great prizes to raise money for StreetVet and The Wild at Heart Foundation. I will leave it to Vinnie to tell you all about it when we launch very soon. In the meantime, you will find updates at @paaw_house and @paaw_vinnie.

There are lots of friends that I miss and hope to catch up with soon. For now, I am a content little dog, working with Vinnie, keeping my Dads happy and catching up on some TV. Last week I was watching ITV with one eye open and suddenly my lovely friend Miss Keeley Hawes appeared on the screen. I’ve missed hanging out with her, it was great to see her on the telly.

She was in a new true story drama called Honour; she/it was brilliant! I have also been tuning in to Emily in Paris to watch my friend Lily Collins light up the screen. I loved it, I think my Dads should take me to Paris, maybe I can be a TV star too! A Burly cameo could work quite well? Wardrobe!

Burly with Keeley Hawes © @misskeeleyhawes

Do check out Haute Dogs 2021 calendar if you have time. It’s the perfect gift of giving back for the pooch who has everything. Till next time, keep safe and keep in touch.

You can follow my adventures on Instagram and keep in contact at @burlybearpom

Love Burly x

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