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We recently met Lucy from You and the Dog to find out all about her current project in aid of the Wild at Heart Foundation. We love her work and can’t wait to have a PAAW dog photoshoot.

We’d love to hear about Dogs and Abba Lucy;

” When I think of some of the things that make me smile, dogs and Dancing Queen are most definitely at the top of my list.  Combining these two subjects may seem a slightly bizarre pastime, but capturing a dog sitting behind a Singer sewing machine while listening to ‘As Good as New’ has become just another regular shoot in the studio.

The idea came to me after photographing Jackapoo Ted next to ‘Rocky’, the imaginatively named rocking horse. “Stick a bicorne on him and he’ll look just like Napoleon!” Et voila, Waterloo!  Angel Eyes swiftly followed Dancing Queen and so it began.

© Lucy Reeve, You and the Dog

Raising funds for an animal charity went without saying, and for me the Wild at Heart Foundation was an obvious choice, as they are one of the most passionate and driven rescue charities. One of the absolute joys of being a dog owner is the uninhibited interaction between dogs out on a walk, and the inconsequential chatter that arises between owners. 

I’ve met some amazing rescue dogs while out with my two Terriers, and frequently these dogs turn out to have been adopted through the Wild at Heart Foundation.

Maggie, Spud, Bernie, George, Flora and Ginger are all Wild at Heart success stories, and I’m delighted to have been given the opportunity to include them in this project. All dogs deserve a happy and safe life, and if I can help raise awareness with a camera in hand (and a slightly odd imagination) then I am pleased that I have played my part”. 

Lucy is studio dog photographer, owned by 2 slightly bonkers Irish Terriers and is a not so secret Dancing Queen. 

By Gabby Kuehn & Lucy Reeve | You and the Dog

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