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The Griffin Inn


📍93 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4RD

Website | Instagram | Book Now | 020 8985 0400


The Griffin Shoreditch, dog friendly pub, London

Dog Friendly:

Dog menu: No dog menu Provide water for dogs: Yes, staff are happy to provide water for all dogs

Additional Information: A friendly traditional pub, pet friendly but does get busy in the evenings Thursday to Saturday.


Opening Hours: Mon - Fri: 12pm-12am, Sat: 1pm-1am, Sun: Closed.

Costs: **

Food: Traditional bar snacks such as nuts and crisps. No food menu.

Overview: We always get a warm welcome at the Griffin, a lovely place for a stop away from the buzzing streets of dog friendly Hoxton and Shoreditch. A mix of locals, professionals and tourists we have met many characters with great stories to tell at this historic pub.

Random Fact:

The Griffin is a legendary creature which has the head, front legs and wings of an Eagle. The rest of its body looks like a Lion. In olden times the Griffin was a symbol of strength and dexterity. In folklore a Griffin often looked after treasure.

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