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The rise of pet friendly ...

Pet friendly UK has come on in LEAPS and BOUNDS since Vinnie arrived in our lives more than 7 years ago, it’s almost become trendy and we love it. When Vinnie was a young pup it was difficult to find somewhere we could take him locally as almost none of our local bars and cafés allowed dogs inside. Thankfully that’s all changed in recent years, we would now struggle to find somewhere he isn’t welcome!

We salute all the big names who have paved the way for pet friendly policies with a number of bars, restaurants and hotels greeting our canine friends with doggy menus, treats, water bowls, beds, spa and grooming services, dog beer and pawsecco. Some of these wonderful venues include Drake and Morgan, BrewDog, M Restaurants, Fullers pubs and hotels and a number of Four Seasons hotels nationwide.

We were beyond excited when John Lewis announced that their stores are dog friendly earlier this year, not because I have any particular interest in dragging Vinnie shopping but because we all now have the choice, sometimes families shop together! Following their ban on the sale of fireworks recently (thumbs up), Sainsburys are hosting our friends at a Christmas pop up for 3 days this December, a slap-up Christmas dinner for dogs served by silver service style waiters at Hus Gallery in London with all proceeds going to Guide Dogs UK, WOOF.

Day Spas, hotel pet turn down services, doggy food and drink menus, silver service, it really doesn’t get much better.

There are however those out there who don’t have the opportunity to avail of the glitz and glamour in the pet friendly world, those who struggle on a daily basis just to exist and live in comfort and peace with their best friend. I read an article in the Metro recently about one such person and it made me sad and angry in equal measures.

Christopher Palmer whose medically prescribed emotional support dog Tammy helps with his severe depression and anxiety is facing eviction from his home by Plymouth Community Homes. Despite evidence from his doctor that his dog is essential to his life and well being and that a move from his home could be detrimental to him, Christopher, a vulnerable man is being put through the stress and indignity of the court system. Thankfully the judge has given him a stay of execution until January to consider his case however in this day and age this is simply not acceptable in our opinion. There have been no complaints about Christopher’s dog, he has support from neighbours and friends.


We need formal recognition for the importance of the human animal bond and the benefits of emotional support pets. Responsibly owned well behaved pets should not discriminated against. There are a number of charities and legal experts working tirelessly on studies and campaigns to help vulnerable people in situations like Christopher’s including the Society for Companion Animal Studies (SCAS), Our Special Friends and StreetVet.

Let’s ensure the rise of pet friendly benefits all, not just those fortunate enough to live in freehold properties and/or visit nice venues with their pets. Let’s promote tolerance and inclusion for all of us.

If you share our views or you have a pet friendly business or workplace why not get in touch and get involved with helping us take the steps needed to make this happen. We look forward to hearing from you .

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