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The Sausage Pit


📍Online only


Dog beds by The Sausage Pit.
Two very snuggly sausages in their bed.


Opening Hours: Online only.

Overview: Created by Lauren in 2019, The Sausage Pit make beds for dogs who like to snuggle under something. Lauren noticed her sausage dog, Sizzle was destroying his beds in order to get cosy, inside the bed itself. Anyone with a sausage dog knows how much these pups love to get under the covers. Lauren realised there was a need for beds with covers so using her skills from her Fashion Degree at Birmingham Institute of Art & Design, she created these wonderfully cosy beds.


PAAW House Loves:

The Sausage Pit also make luxury car seats. The perfect little place for your pup to sit and enjoy a car ride to the woods.

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