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The Wood Life Company



Wood Life Project eco friendly wooden products, made in the UK.
Happy kitty @thewoodlifeproject cat bowl.


Eco friendly wooden products for the home, made in the UK. The Wood Life Company's range includes dog and cat bowls.

Overview: The Wood Life Project is a luxury eco-friendly homewares brand selling high quality, wooden, sustainable and plastic-free products. The Wood Life Project produces beautiful, innovative and practical wooden items which can be used in our homes every day. The product range is based around the family home, with the emphasis being on family mealtimes. We love the hand-finished wooden cat and dog bowls, which benefit your pet and the environment. The wood is sustainably sourced from legally-felled trees in the UK, and is naturally antibacterial to help keep your pet healthy.

PAAW House Loves:

A brand with a vision to end the plastic revolution and the throw-away mindset of our generation, inspiring others to change the way we consume.

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