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Tom Hunt MP

Animal Welfare Advocate

Tom Hunt MP, animal welfare campaigner.

Bio: Tom Hunt is Conservative MP for Ipswich, his priorities for his constituency include creating opportunities for young people and environmental issues. Tom is also an advocate for animal welfare and led the recent debate on Pet Theft Reform. Pet Theft Reform created by Dr Daniel Allen and the Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance is a campaign to make pet theft a specific offence. Tom says “As an animal lover myself and previous owner of a crazy springer spaniel named Lucy, I’ve always been passionate about the protection of our pets. Which is why I found it so concerning to learn about an increase in pet thefts throughout lockdown in Suffolk. This sickening crime is causing ever more anguish to victims and impacting their mental health at an already difficult time. So I’ve been working closely with pet theft reform campaigners to continuously raise this issue in Parliament, and in late October I was able to lead a Westminster Hall Debate on the topic. I’ve also been in discussions with the Justice Secretary about tougher sentencing for this cruel act and I’ll be continuing to fight for the protection of our much-loved pets.”

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