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Magazine for all that's trending in the dog world...

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Topics we love

  • Pet care tips (health, safety, training, etc.)

  • Inspiring pet stories

  • DIY videos

  • Pet shopping guides

  • Creative & funny listicles

Voice & tone guidelines

  • Be casual but smart.

  • Use a friendly, conversational tone.

  • Sense of humor is highly appreciated

  • Be passionate about what you write.

  • Let your personality come through in your writing.

  • Most importantly, be human. After all, you are one.

Style tips

  • Write in short paragraphs (100-150 words)

  • Use short words and sentences

  • Use active voice

  • Don’t overuse gerund

  • Use power (call-to-action) verbs

  • Use descriptive headers and subheaders

  • Replace weak words

  • Focus on your message

  • Check your text with Hemingway editor

Content guidelines

  • Have a catchy headline. (We suggest using Headline Analyzer.)

  • Make your intro short and simple.

  • All submissions must be original content.

  • Make sure to include images. Remember that you must own the rights to them or use free stock photos.

  • Don’t forget to provide your short bio.

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