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Our mission...

Is to help people who are struggling with their pets, providing food, essential pet supplies and funds. That’s why we are working with local London foodbanks across four boroughs.  We continue to support StreetVet with their work for the homeless & their pets and Wild at Heart Foundation. 

Sadly, we are living in a time where more people find themselves having to rely on foodbanks. For many years foodbanks have been doing amazing work in communities supporting people in need with essentials.

Like all charities foodbanks have guidelines to follow, and pet food historically is not considered an essential. This is something we understand which is why we have started this charity initiative to support our local foodbanks with essential pet supplies, allowing them to focus on their ever-increasing workload.

The response from our local foodbanks has been so positive and welcome, we really hope we can help them make a difference to their guests with family pets. 
PAAW House Vinnie's Campaign

Our history...

Our story begins out of love for a little dog called Vinnie, and outdated discriminatory no pet clauses, which unfortunately forced us out of our home. 


Following our experience, we heard from people all over the UK in similar situations with heart-breaking stories to tell. We decided we wanted to challenge the status quo and founded PAAW House.


Over the years our passion for pets has connected us with wonderful animal charities. Fundraising on their behalf has been one of the most rewarding parts of our journey, therefore it feels like a natural progression for PAAW House to become a charity. We are currently a not for profit in the process of becoming a registered charity.

Our philosophy...


Our philosophy has always been that pets are family, and the human animal bond should be nurtured and respected by all. 

We have been lucky to work with some amazing campaigners who have made huge progress in promoting these values. These include Dee Bonnet who is responsible for ‘The John Chadwick Pet Policy’ and Jen Berezai with her ‘Heads for Tails’ campaign

Highlighting these issues will continue to feature strongly as part of our ethos.

You can keep up to date with all our charity initiatives on our NewsHound blog.

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