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02 Charities

We are proud to support animal charities StreetVet and Wild at Heart Foundation. We have really enjoyed our fundraising projects on their behalf and look forward to continuing to support them.

We are proud to support StreetVet, a registered charity made up of volunteer vets and nurses that offer free accessible, vet care to pets (mostly dogs) of the homeless. A charity that champions the human animal bond we love everything StreetVet represent and have enjoyed supporting their work over the years.

Nobody chooses to be homeless, in fact the only people I have ever met who have made a choice between a bed for the night and the street, are those with dogs who are not allowed into sheltered accommodation with their companions! A charity that supports the dogs/pets of the homeless and works to address misconceptions facing the homeless and their much-loved dogs was a natural fit, the fact that co-founder Jade and her team are a genuinely lovely crew is a Bonus and we really enjoy working together.


We’ve personally supported several rescue charities over the years, when we started our PAAW journey many of these charities were on a shortlist we hoped to support/partner with. The Wild at Heart Foundation was the one who welcomed us with open arms, like we had been part of the community forever and our relationship with them has gone from strength to strength ever since.

The Wild at Heart Foundation believes in dogs. Dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds, especially dogs who aren’t fortunate enough to be born into a life of health and happiness. We are particularly taken with Wild at Heart Foundations education programme as we believe the future of animal welfare lies in education of future generations.

It is this belief that inspires them to fund their global projects and education programme.

You can help Wild at Heart Foundation in a number of ways. Donate directly on their website, join us at our charity events, get in touch with them to discuss volunteering or partnering with them.


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