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Burly Bear pupdate...

Hello again Burlings,

Let’s get you up to speed on my month so far! I finally got to see my Primark Christmas campaign in stores and online, promoting Christmas dog outfits, toys, collars and leads, we had such a fun day at the studio in Kings Cross being photographed by a photographer who shoots super models (just like me).

© Burly Bear

I bagged another great job this month shooting a behind the scenes video for Clarks online where I got to meet my gorgeous friend Keeley Hawes again, she is a brand ambassador for Clarks Shoes as well as UNICEF.

I was extremely lucky to hang out at Clarks HQ and bring a smile to everyone during their work day, plus getting to play with Keeley! I wasn’t meant to be in the shoot with her but Clarks loved our relationship so much they included me! Here I am strutting my stuff with Keeley for their website.

© Burly Bear

It’s not been all work and no play, I have also been to the PAAW House launch party where I met Maggie the Wunderdog, and got to spend time with Lucy from You and The Dog, Teresa from The Dogvine and made lots more new friends. I took my Auntie, we had the best time, I got to show her the fabulous side to my life. If that wasn’t enough, I also got to hang out with Kristen Stewart again who was in town promoting the new Charlies Angels movie and insisted I come along for a cuddle.

I do love putting a smile on peoples faces and even got to walk the red carpet in my Rock Dog leather jacket when Kristen was promoting her movie Seberg previously, the paparazzi loved me. I popped into Pom Cafe this weekend too which was fun, they gave me a free Pet Teezer, I can’t wait to brush my fur with it. I met all different shapes and sizes of Pom’s it was the best laugh, me and my mate Thor @Thor.pom.pup spent the afternoon flirting with all the ladies.

© Burly Bear

Back to work, I am now registered as a Pets As Therapy (PAT) dog which means I can visit people who are in need of some comfort or just want a big smile and a cuddle from a small fluffy pooch. I love that I am able to give back to people who are in need of some love and kindness.

I also go to the Cuddle Club which is a club where superheroes like me get to visit workplaces to help relieve stress, anxiety and promote a happier work environment. At Cuddle Club I get to hang out with my buddies Chubbs @itschubbsworld, Cedric @cedric.the.pomeranian, Harley @harleybear.29 and Tilly from the @cavdashians. We have just recently had our final cuddle club of this year for us pooches and our entourage.

Finally, feeling exhausted after all my shenanigans, I decided to buy myself a Snuggit @thesnuggitac. My flatmate pops it on and I get to fall asleep whilst being carried in comfort, I rarely get refused a cab ride anymore as I don’t have to sit on the seats when in my Snuggit, although we are figuring out ways to end this stigma and get us pooches allowed everywhere but that’s a story for another day.

All my love

Burly Bear

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