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Can your dog find a date? 

When Vinnie came bounding into our lives seven years ago, little did we know that in addition to all the love and joy he would bring us as a family, he would also be instrumental in helping us make many new friends and connections.

So, it came as no surprise when my husband returned home from the park recently, and declared that Vinnie should start a new career as a dating doctor, as he gets so much positive attention from everyone whilst out walking.

Vinnie-the-love-dog! I don’t doubt that this would work, especially as I’ve just read an article about the growth of a phenomenon known as “dogfishing”.

Apart from meeting your latest squeeze in the park and trying your luck with the latest technology, when it comes to online daters, it would appear they do better when they have a cute dog in their profile picture. Being a dog owner seems to add personality to the user and therefore those profiles have a higher success rate. While we don’t recommend it, this has led would-be daters to posting photos of themselves with pups they don’t even own, this trend is now known as “Dogfishing for dates”.

With all this in mind we were not surprised to find there’s a dog person’s dating app called Dig. The idea is that “dog people”, with or without their own dogs, are always looking for ways to up the dog levels in their lives. Dig founders were quick to realise this and have built a dating app that lets you do just this.

Personally, we like the idea of dating doctor Vinnie and all his four-legged friends connecting people in the parks and streets of your local town and long and loving relationships, be they friendships or the romantic kind, ensuing.

If you’ve met the love of your life through being out and about with your pup let us know as we’d love to hear your story –

By Gabby Kuehn

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