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Do you know your groomer ?

A guy needs to look good, which is why Vinnie and his four-legged friends regularly visit Stuart at Groom Dog City. Vinnie is convinced Stuart is the reason he gets mistaken for a younger pup, and gets all the lady dog glances when he’s out and about.

Stuart has an amazing passion when it comes to grooming, hence the reason he co-founded The Groomers Spotlight. We caught up with him to find out a little more about his mission to ensure every dog stays safe and this is what he had to tell us:

“Pet grooming is an incredibly skilled profession. Razor sharp scissors and a wriggly puppy are not a marriage made in heaven and so a skilled and experienced hand is essential.

Over the years I have lost count of the amount of times people have commented on the cost of their dog’s haircut. There are many reasons why a dog’s haircut is more expensive than a human’s. For a start humans don’t try to bite the hairdresser, poo on the barber chair, or relieve themselves against the wall. You also keep your head still when asked and your hairdresser doesn’t clip your private parts or shave your legs!

As such you might assume grooming is regulated so ensure all dogs are safe… but it isn’t! With this in mind, I decided to team up with one of the best pet grooming educators in the UK, Julie Harris, and together we developed The Groomers Spotlight.

The Groomers Spotlight is a website that directs owners to a qualified groomer in their area. Each groomer has a fully shareable profile and within the profile, pictures and information that allows the owner to decide if this groomer is the right one for their dog.

Groomers with a Groomers Spotlight profile must have had a full City and guilds L3 Diploma training or industry recognised equivalent as a pre requisite for membership. The aim is to champion and promote Pet Groomers that have worked to achieve a ‘Groomers Spotlight standard’ professional level of knowledge.

To find a regulated groomer in your area check out (and to see Vinnie in all his grooming glory go to Vinnie – @paaw_vinnie)

By Gabby Kuehn & Stuart Simons

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