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Elfy Christmas gift ideas by Anna Webb...

Anna Webb – Broadcaster, Author, has studied natural nutrition and therapies with the College of Integrated Veterinary Therapies (CIVT). She lives in London and is owned by Prudence a Miniature Bull Terrier and Mr Binks, a re-homed English Toy Terrier.

As thousands of puppies get set to celebrate their first Christmas, it looks like Santa Paws will be coming to town!

Despite an uncertain economic climate ahead and social distancing restrictions dampening the festive spirit, the UK’s biggest pet retailer has recently announced a 5 per cent increase in revenues to October this year, and a 14.5% rise in pre-tax profits compared to last year.

Credited to the surge in ‘puppylove’ through both lockdowns, it appears that spending on our furkids will not be compromised, and that the ‘hound pound’ is booming!

The role of our four-legged companions has gained even more priority this year as we’ve looked to man’s best friend to help us through the pandemic. With more of us working from home, the ‘puppy’ boom looks set to continue.

Giving and being kind are messages synonymous with the pandemic. It’s self-fulfilling, and every pet parent knows their dog deserves a pawfect stocking that’s packed with practical ideas that you can use too.

Here’s some ideas all tried and tested by Prudence and Mr Binks for the dog that might have everything, but would love a surprise!

Earth Animal’s NO HIDE chews are a super healthy alternative chew with no chemicals. The Festive Feast will get your dog’s tongue wagging. Each one is carefully hand rolled and packed with delicious ethically sourced ingredients like turkey, pumpkin and cranberries.

Mr Binks might be small, but he loves to chew on a NO HIDE! It lasts for ages, and helps clean his teeth as he relaxes into chewing, which is an instinctual behaviour.

When its chilly out there, every dog needs an extra layer whether its’ to prevent them from getting muddy and wet in the first place, or to dry off after a wintry walk. Mr Binks is a fan of Dog Snug. It’s an independent London brand.

The fleece dog coats have been thoughtfully designed to cover the underbelly whilst the ‘weather proof’ fleece stands up to the wind, rain and puddle splashbacks.

Prudence recommends the luxurious Dogzilian Soothing Serum from Dogs and Horses. Made in the UK with a raft of 100% natural ingredients like propolis and calendula. Prudence gets cracked paws in the cold and this serum absorbs in seconds and it soothes instantly. I’m so impressed with it as a boost to the skin, I use it too!

Prudence also enjoys a quick spritz with Virginia Woof, a 100% natural ‘eau de pawfume’. Its light signature scent is far from overwhelming, and there’s no nasty chemicals or residues to worry about. I’ve been known to borrow this from Prudence on occasion too!

A smart compact and portable device called RelaxoPet is another firm favourite, which has passed the test on Prudence. Designed in Germany it’s a uniquely calibrated sound system that emanates frequencies that calm an anxious dog. Whether it’s to reduce stress in the face of Fireworks and thunder, it also helps with separation anxiety, travelling in the car, even trips to the vets. It simply plugs in and plays.

Prudence also wants to share her top tips for staying healthy into the New Year. Still in her rest and recovery stage from a major emergency surgery, she’s been busy boosting her immune system, her microbiome, and big scar.

A daily serving of Blueberry powder as a pre-biotic and Vitamin C boost,’s also taking a ¼ teaspoon of PhytoPlankon as a rich source of omegas, minerals and vitamins

Another staple in our home is raw unpasteurized colostrum from and she wouldn’t be without her Photizo Vetcare.

The power of red light therapy has helped her seven inch scar heal naturally in record time!

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