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London City Runners

If you have been following our journey over recent months, you know that we are all about the power of community. The PAAW House journey started in many ways with the support of our local community; and one such supporter was London City Runners.

They are a local club with a pet-friendly clubhouse and a passion for people. We discovered the clubhouse by chance one day while out walking and received a warm welcome with Vinnie, who is now an honouree member despite never running any further than his food bowl. Plus, they also make great coffee!

© London City Runners

We have taken lots of inspiration from London City Runners as they have a genuine warmth and passion about everything they do, which includes getting involved and supporting local projects.

Every community starts with a small number who believe, Tim and Kerry started with just half a dozen runners and have gone on to become one of the biggest running clubs in the country. We may be at the beginning of our journey, but we hope to build a network across the UK just like they have.

We are delighted that London City Runners have offered to host our launch party. These guys believed in us before we even existed and here we are one year on ready to launch and PARTY. Thanks, guys – we’d love to tell our members a bit more about the club.

© London City Runners

“Next year will be particularly special for London City Runners, as it marks ten years since the running club started. What began as a run with just six people has grown into one of the biggest and best-known running clubs in the UK that now runs around the city four times a week. It’s free to join, and London City Runners welcome runners of all abilities, from all over the world.

What’s special about our club is that it’s become an incredible community. We’ve had people meet friends, partners, housemates and business connections all through meeting at our runs.

© London City Runners

In 2018, after eight years of meeting in bars all over Bermondsey, we took a huge step and rented a railway arch to create a bar of our own. The clubhouse was made possible in large part due to the club’s members who helped us crowdfund and a lot of the hard graft. Today the bar is run entirely by volunteers from the club who take on a huge variety of roles.

Having our venue means we can now open our doors to welcome in other clubs and communities of all shapes and sizes. We’re especially excited to welcome PAAW House to host their charity party at our club this November”.

Founder Tim Navin-Jones

Do you have a pet-friendly venue that forms a community hub in your area, we would love to hear about it and feature it on our site –

London City Runners – 130 Druid Street, London SE1 2HH –

By Gabby Kuehn and Tim Navin-Jones

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