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PAAW House Party ...

My humans Gabby, Florian and I hope all who attended had a great time at our launch party and charity event last week in aid of The Wild at Heart Foundation. Thank you so much to everyone who came along on the day and made it such a roaring (or barking) success. It was wonderful to meet so many new friends and see our four-legged buddies having fun. We haven’t got a final tally as yet but we raised over £1000 for our charity thanks to your kind contributions.

PAAW Barry, our wayward English Bull Terrier, found love with Ethel from You and the Dog (their humans had quite the job keeping them apart), Burly Bear the Pom and Barry the Puggy were reunited for another photo op (looking great chaps), Barry the Puggy and Little Lil Pug travelled all the way to London to see us (sorry you got lost trying to find us) and I had a fine old time meeting friends old and new on the day.

Thanks also to Eleanor from The Wild at Heart Foundation, her lovely dog Panda, Teresa from the Dogvine and the ever photogenic Belinha, Jade, Anna and beautiful Snow from StreetVet, Kay and Lucy from Wanderdog, Chelsea and Albie from Holly & Lil, Stewie Sinclair, Digby honorary PAAW crew member, Claude who pointed out to us that he was the biggest boy in the room, Hervey who spent much of her time overseeing the artists corner and PAAW Pablo for just being Pablo. PAAW Bibi was sadly missed but we understand that partying is just not her thing.

Big shout outs to Pie, Ginger, Mr Zipper, Romeo, Suzy Rebel Queen, Gizmo, Balthazar, Miss Bluebell and Emmylou for taking their humans out to meet us. I apologise for any names we have missed, it’s hard to remember every pup from the day but you are all dear to our hearts and we were delighted to have you there.

Was there a star of the show? Well each and every one of you are stars but it was an honour to meet Maggie the Wunderdog and her lovely mum Kasey, what a team and amazing ambassadors for The Wild at Heart Foundation and the work they do in Lebanon.

All that’s left to say is the day would not have been the same without Steve Burton, photographer, Ben Oakley and David Bray, artists, Lord Ant B, DJ, Butternut Box for the free dogs dinners (Woof), Lucy from You and The Dog, Michael and Burly and our friends who travelled far and wide for your support and the hospitality from London City Runners.

Our next charity event will take place in January in aid of StreetVet, watch this space for further details


do apologise for getting so excited I had to pop home for a snooze mid party! Vinnie

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